Twas The Night Blocks 13 and 14 Released…

Twas The Night Blocks 13 and 14

Stranger things have happened uploading patterns when I’ve added patterns at Craftsy before. Tonight I was uploading blocks 13 and 14 and when I finished I couldn’t find where block 13 was. It shows up as a pattern in my own account’s pattern page, but it isn’t showing up in the quilt store for my profile or on the quilting page. So I’m not sure what’s happening in that respect. You can add it to your cart, but you can’t check out even. So I’ve also added them to Payhip for you tonight so that if your in a hurry to get started you can go ahead and purchase them. Please remember Payhip does cost a little bit more for patterns because I have two commissions that get paid from Payhip, one to Paypal, and one to Payhip.

Here are the links for this months blocks…

On Craftsy

It looks like the issue at Craftsy is resolved, Block 13 is now showing up in the profile store and you can check out with the pattern.

On Payhip

Next Month’s Blocks 15 and 16

Artwork for the Twas The Night Before Christmas BOTM
was commisioned for exclusive use for Seams To Be Sew by Clipartopolis.

Flick Reward Date to turn block 13 in is August 18, 2018

Cya Soon,

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8 thoughts on “Twas The Night Blocks 13 and 14 Released…

  1. Hello Marian, downloaded both patterns from Craftsy. Thank you. 🙂
    I know the borders (directions) & embroidered words are not included in the pdf, but where may I obtain directions for both border and lettering for patterns if available please?

  2. I’m not able to get blocks 13 or 14. Not sure why. I appreciate so much of what you do so grateful for previous blocks. I’ll keep trying. Thanks

  3. Every site seems to have some kind of issue lately. All’s well that ends well, though. I really like the way these blocks illustrate the original poem.

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