Two New Awesome BOTMs… Pumpkin Patch and Tuning My Heart…

Block Of The Month 2020Hi Everyone, I’m posting today because my internet was down all day yesterday and drove me nuts trying to get back online. Xfinity couldn’t figure out what was wrong either although they’d been to my neighborhood yesterday morning and had fixed an issue. For me, it turned out to be an internet setting that I needed to change. It was odd, it took me until 5 pm in the afternoon to check my laptop and see if the internet was working on it and it turned out it was. I wish I’d thought to check it earlier in the day but no, it just never occurred to me. Most of the time I sat around waiting and waiting and waiting for Xfinity to call me back. That was annoying. Either or, my apologies to Beatrice, I had told her in an email I’d get this posted for yesterday and then didn’t well couldn’t get it done. So my sincerest apologies Beatrice.

Today when browsing one of my FB groups, I found another botm that has started so I’m posting both here for you on yes, a Saturday but I promise you, Saturday’s are not going to become a regular posting habit for me also. 🙂

Both of these, of course, have also been added to my Block of the Month 2020 page.

Penguin Promenade Logo

First, is Beatrice at the Pumpkin Patches absolutely fun new botm with Penguins, called Penguin Promenade. you’ll want to get your block downloaded in the month that she offers the block as it will be a paid block after the month is up each month. The first block is absolutely adorable, so head on over and grab it right now…

Tuning My Heart Star Light Star Bright bom

The second is Tuning My Heart’s Star Light, Star Bright. botm. Debra has created what looks to be a really fun star block-based quilt. There’s a pdf to download, a video to watch and even a tutorial on the post to show how to make the block. Debra notes that the pdfs will be available all year to download.

There are several other botms / QALs that are starting in April, so be sure to check the Block of the Month 2020 page for those also, they are noted when you hover over the images. I know Farmhouse Threads started there Christmas Song QAL and this is a weekly QAL and one of the best events that happen each year. Can you tell, I love this one 🙂 … You can also purchase kits of each block also which makes it really nice if wool isn’t part of your stash.

Oops, by sheer coincidence I also found this fun one this morning on FB.. looks to be FB only… but WoW the first 2 blocks are absolutely fabulous. These are from the wonderful designers in Australia. You’ll need to join this groupLove and Hugs From Australia

Dawn Monk‎
Block by Dawn Monk
Mairi Dale‎
Block by Mairi-Dale

These are the first two blocks in this fun QAL and aren’t they just adorable. The teddy bear is actually offered in embroidery and applique, but Mairi-Dale made hers in embroidery.
This is a daily event, so you’ll want to check this group daily.

I’d like to mention if you can’t find the Block of the Month 2020 through a link on a post, you can always find it on the menu…

stbs 2020 botm pageComing Next Week…

Sue and Sam In New Jersey

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – New Jersey
Twas The Night B23 machine embroidery designs will be finished.
So watch your emails for the cart update, please.

Have a great weekend

stbs-2018 sig

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4 thoughts on “Two New Awesome BOTMs… Pumpkin Patch and Tuning My Heart…

  1. Can we tell you if we come across any new born. I did see this Hugs and kisses but never struck me I could share here.
    Quite a few people are starting because of the stay at home rules.

  2. Thank you, Marian, for sharing my BOM, and please don’t worry about being “a day late”. I appreciate all the work that you put into that list, and we all know that life gets in the way all the time. Stay healthy, and happy quilting!

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