VaaaaRooommmm!!! Let’s Get Started For Day 01 of Once Upon A Time Row Along…

I am on this first day not because I have a row to share with you all… I do, but it will come later in the row along. Instead, my post today and the next few posts will be posts of fun and some frolicking… spending some time talking about the years as they’ve past, and we’re even gonna have a little bit of peek a boo… 🙂

I don’t just want my 5th year to row along like it normally does, I want to express some celebration. It’s not every day a blog can run an event for five years in a row and have the amount of fun we’ve had over the years, so I am going to enjoy this year with some memories, and some games to play… Maybe even a giveaway or two. So take a peek inside and walk along in the past with me. Over the years, the Row Along has changed, we started out with the very gigantic 60-inch rows, what the heck was I thinking back then… who knows, but ok, it actually happened and EQ Seasons is still one of my most beloved of all the years. We’ve had bloggers and designers, bloggers who had never created a pattern to offer, and people design patterns who hadn’t opened any kind of website, and now are successful bloggers and designers. 82 different bloggers and designers have all participated in the row along in the various years, and of those original 21 who started with me back in 2015, six of those are still participating and have in all five of them. Many participated in the last 4 years, and this year we have  seven new bloggers and designers. Two of them didn’t own blogs when they signed up and one of them has started a blog since that time.

EQ Seasons had 20 designers, all who used Electric Quilt. That was the big requirement in that row along and is the only year where it was the requirement. I opened it up after that to all designers for whatever they used to create patterns with.

EQ Seasons had many sponsors, but our big four have always been Northcott, The Fat Quartershop, Aurifil, and Electric Quilt. These are the only companies who have given us something for every year of the row along to offer to use as a giveaway.  In a time when many companies seem to be downsizing, I feel very honored that so many companies I approach are so willing to give something to this event.

During EQ Seasons, we were lucky to have several designers who created what I call fillers for the rows, these are small rows you can use in between fitting your rows together that create a separation in the rows. Whether it was from 1/2 square triangles, four patches, or other simple designs to create along the row. This years row along also has the same with one designer doing not only a row pattern, but filler patterns also. Another common feature that EQ Seasons and Once Upon A Story have in common is that quite a few designers are doing tutorials for new techniques with there posts on there featured days. With EQ Seasons, it was required that they do an EQ Tutorial with there posts, but this is now an option, no tutorial is required for the blog post, but it is nice to see them as it really helps you when you are creating the row itself to refer back upon.

During EQ Seasons, I offered 4 different rows each featuring a season. 1 of the seasons I featured twice, 1 of the seasons of the year I did not feature at all. Would you like to win your choice of a pattern from EQ Seasons? Then tell me below, which season I featured twice, and which season I didn’t feature at all. Want to see the EQ Season rows? Check them all out here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will give away a total of 5 patterns to 5 winners each
1 pattern per winner
Your choice of any EQ Seasons row.

Next, my giveaway today for the event is a wonderful cd/dvd of machine embroidery designs from Anita Goodesign. You do need to own an embroidery machine or a sewing machine with an embroidery arm to use this amazing product.

Modular MedallionsThis giveaway is international shipping, Priority Mail shipping cost paid by winner.
Total Value $99.95
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rules For Giveaways
at bottom of the page, take the time to read them.
I don’t accept excuses because I know I’ve
given you every opportunity to read them.

Today’s Other Designers

September 3, 2019
Just Let Me Quilt | Seams To Be Sew | Pamela Quilts

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68 Responses to VaaaaRooommmm!!! Let’s Get Started For Day 01 of Once Upon A Time Row Along…

  1. AvatarSusan says:

    Congratulations on 5 years running. I was on vacation and missed the start, but will catch up this week. Thank you, I saw Carol’s and it was adorable.

  2. AvatarCarol Zwickey says:

    Looking forward to this – love the theme and even learning from you and the others as we try out the stories

  3. AvatarJanice Gearhart says:

    No, it was not about the theme.

  4. AvatarNancy C says:

    answer -no – it wasn’t. thanks so much for in advance for the creativity and time you all put into these designs. it is greatly appreciated!

  5. AvatarPat Rhodes says:

    not understanding do you have a pattern for the 3rd for the sew along or is this just for info I think I have read everything and can’t see a place for pattern not very computer smart

  6. AvatarDebby in Upstate New York says:

    The answer is “no”. Thank you for hosting so many fun events over the years. I have no idea how much time and energy you devote to these and am sure it is a great deal. Your creativity and commitment are appreciated!

  7. AvatarApril M Nunally says:

    Thanks for doing this , really enjoying the free patterns.

  8. Avatarsandra says:

    No to the question. Looking forward to this year’s offerings. So exciting. Thank you.

  9. AvatarKarrin Hurd says:

    Love the theme this year.

  10. AvatarNicole Sender says:

    No! Congrats on your 5th Row Along!

  11. AvatarJudy Russwurm says:

    No is the answer. Thanks for taking the time and energy needed to do this.

  12. AvatarNancy Roraback says:

    No. Congrats on your 5 row along years!

  13. AvatarKathy E. says:

    Nope, you didn’t talk about the theme at all in this post!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  14. AvatarDeanna says:

    No to the question, looking forward to the continuation of the row along.

  15. A terrific idea – and great persistence to keep it up! Thank you. I think you did 2 fall rows and no spring ones!

  16. AvatarLisa Valdez says:

    No to the question. Happy 5th blog-along!

  17. AvatarKelley says:

    Congratulations on 5 years!! This is going to be so much fun!!

  18. AvatarDione Gardner-Stephen says:

    No to the Theme Question. Happy 5th Row-ALong!!

  19. AvatarCaroline says:

    No to the Theme Question. Happy 5th RowALong Anniversary. I haven’t done a Row Quilt before, I am looking forward to this one.

  20. AvatarJanet T says:

    Happy 5th! Thank you for all you do for us.

  21. AvatarThunder says:

    Happy Anniversary. I have followed for four of them.
    It amazes me all you do for these events!! Thank you ever sew much.

  22. AvatarKellie Carroll says:

    No not about theme. This is the first time I have seen your row by row. Looks exciting

  23. AvatarVal Ursulak says:

    New quilter here. My goodness you go to great lengths for the enjoyment of we lucky gals. Thank you and Happy Fifth!

  24. AvatarSandi says:

    Congrats on your 5th anniversary! This is my third year following and I love seeing what all you designers come up with. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  25. AvatarShelly R says:

    Not about the theme, but the history and progress of this sew along, so neat. Thanks for the hard work.

  26. AvatarSusan the Farm Quilter says:

    No. I love your row-a-longs and sew-alongs!! Thank you for the time you put into getting these together for us!!

  27. AvatarKathi Martin says:

    No, not about the theme! Congrats on 5 wonderful years!!!

  28. Avatarmary jayne Anspach says:

    happy anniversary!

  29. AvatarJudy Brackman says:

    No, not about the theme

  30. AvatarShelly says:

    No, this blog wasn’t about the theme–didn’t need to be! But what a great topic it was on! Congratulations on 5 Great years of sew-a -longs! I’m new to yours and hoping I can keep up with you. Thank you for your time and generosity and for the time and generosity of the other designers taking part in this with you.

  31. AvatarSandy Wootten says:

    Happy Anniversary 🌹 I know its a lot of work for you. Thank you

  32. AvatarRobin R. Klein says:

    Congratulations on 5yr of row alongs. I have enjoyed the ones I particpated in. Thanks for continuing this program and I hope you can continue into the future.

  33. AvatarWendy says:

    No. Happy fifth anniversary! I have been enjoying your row along for the past few years. Thank you! Love the theme this year!

  34. AvatarGina says:

    I am new to this row-along thing… I hope I’ll be able to keep up! I am definitely looking forward to it!

  35. AvatarVicky H says:

    Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary. I look forward to this years blocks.

  36. AvatarGretchen Roberson says:

    I truly love your work and have followed you and other participating designers since returning to quilting a couple of years ago. The work is always professional and I look forward to completing this project as well.

  37. AvatarMB says:

    No about the blog post

  38. AvatarJan says:

    No this blog post wasn’t about the fairy tale theme. Loved reading about the anniversary. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  39. AvatarJan says:

    No this blog post wasn’t about the fairy tale theme. Loved reading about the anniversary.

  40. AvatarBonnie Thiem says:

    I enjoy doing your Row Alongs. Keep up the great work.

  41. AvatarDi Wilsey Geer says:

    To answer your question, no, this post was not about the theme. This blog post shared a most interesting history of your row-alongs. I hope to keep up as this is my first!

  42. AvatarNancy Myers says:

    Looks like a great start to this 5th year! And the Embroidery files look lovely.

  43. AvatarAllison says:

    Happy 5th anniversary!! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this – truly a labor of love! Love the nursery rhymes!

  44. AvatarMary Hertel says:

    Mariion, Super job organizing this year, as always. Don’t know how you do it all!

  45. AvatarNadine Stupelli says:

    Thanks for a fun program. I think it will be great fun. Love the patterns I’ve seen so far. Tried to leave a thank you for the cute monkeys, but after 10 min. or so of click……..I had to give up and move one. Sigh… I am excited for this adventure. Have a great week and thank you again.

  46. Avatarsandra says:

    Thank you, I will have to live till I’m 200 hundred to get all these Beautiful rows done! but at least !!

  47. AvatarCarol O says:

    Thank you for a Wonderful 5 years! You are the best!!

  48. AvatarJanice Potvin says:

    Missed one draw because I don’t have an embroidery machine, but that’s Kay because this will be a fun month.

  49. AvatarLeanne Nanney says:

    This is my first year to participate in the rowalong! i am looking forward to all the different designs i am having trouble finding Anita Goodesigns blog to leave a post but i do love her designs and own a ton of them i have belonged to their club a couple of times!

  50. AvatarSharon Aurora says:

    Thank you for the background on your row alongs. I only just discovered you last year and I loved following the one you did last year. I am certain this one will be just as fabulous.

  51. AvatarKelly Kreft says:

    This is my first year participating. I’m really looking forward to it!! Thank you!

  52. AvatarLynn says:

    Great Job on 5 years of Row Alongs!! Looking forward to seeing the great patterns this year!

  53. AvatarToni Leggate says:

    5 years! Amazing! So looking forward to the next 5! Thank you so much…

  54. AvatarToni Leggate says:

    5 years! Amazing! So looking forward to the next 5!

  55. AvatarJoanne Maner says:

    Congratulation on hitting your 5 year mark. These patterns have all been sew much fun. Thank you designers. You are all so talented.

  56. AvatarDwanee Howard says:

    Congratulations on 5 years! This is my first year and I am excited to participate.

  57. AvatarJanet Parde says:

    I am looking forward to following this RA. I’ve followed several and enjoyed collecting the rows. Thank you for organizing this for 5 years!

  58. AvatarHolly Yurchison says:

    Happy anniversary, Marian! This is the first year I have looked at this row along. It looks like it’s going to be fun!

  59. AvatarJanielle Lipscomb says:

    Happy Anniversary. I haven’t participated much in prior years but I’m loving this theme so I think this might be the year I get some projects done. Congrats on a wonderful program and thanks for all you do.

  60. Congrats on five years of fun RALs! We appreciate all your hard work!

  61. Love the fairy tale theme as I have 4 grandchildren.

  62. AvatarRosemary Barron says:

    I love the Row A Longs you do … Happy Anniversary and thank you again.

  63. Avatarlynn bourgeois says:

    Good morning Marian. It’s great to see this row a long get off to a great start. Thanks for hosting such a fun event

  64. AvatarCarrie Miller says:

    Love the theme this year.

  65. AvatarDiane H says:

    Congratulations on 5 years of Row Alongs! Thank you so much for all the free patterns you so generously give. I can’t begin to imagine all the work that goes into putting them together!

  66. Happy 5th anniversary! I hope you have e great time enjoying all the beautiful patterns.

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