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Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop

Today is a fun blog hop hosted by Carla at Creatin In The Sticks. The idea of this hop is that we should have a flower somewhere in our project… It can be in the fabric print itself, the pattern, the quilting, or maybe even a project shaped like a flower.

When it comes to flowers, my favorite flower has always been Lilacs. I absolutely love the smell of lilacs, the pretty purple, pink and white colors I’ve seen them in and I love that they grow in a bush type shape. 

I haven’t done lilacs for you today, but I have done another type of flower that’s shape has always fascinated me and they are…

an interpretation of tropical flowers with a Toucan bird…

stbs-Where Flowers Bloom

This project uses Island Batik Fabrics and Aurifil Cotton thread 50 wt.

Artwork for the Toucan is from Sanqunetti Designs

Last month I told you about a tutorial I was developing for machine applique. I’m trying to incorporate some of the techniques used in machine applique in the hoop, via the sewing machine, because you can do the same techniques on your sewing machine and get just as nice a result. It took me a few times this week to stitch this out and correct some of the spots I had some issues in, getting the correct decorative stitches to use is really important for this technique. I don’t just want to use zigzag stitches, I love for instance using the feather stitch for my applique because it is a single outline. I made some of my shapes slightly larger on this pattern because I wanted to give the flowers in particular that edgy look that a realistic flower would have but is difficult to portray in applique.

Another tip I will share that I’ve really found helpful since I started working on this tutorial is to use stabilizer. I have never been a fan of cutaway stabilizers and in fact, I rarely use them. Of all the stabilizers I own, I only own 1 roll of cutaway stabilizer and I think I bought that by mistake… LOL, I either use wash away, iron on fusible stabilizers (that wash out) or a tearaway stabilizer when I stitch in the hoop. Many professional designers disagree with my idea that tearaway is just as good as cutaways are, but I don’t really care what other designers think in that respect, I have always enjoyed being different and like that I don’t always have to agree with everyone else’s ideas. So let me tell you why stabilizer is important to the process. Stabilizer in machine embroidery helps give the fabric a stiff stability so that the embroidery can stitch out without puckering and will lay flat. On a sewing machine, stabilizers can be a really great help when your creating buttonholes, they will keep your buttonhole from sinking into the fabric… ever had that happen? Even if you have interfacing in between the facing and the place where you’re putting your buttonholes, interfacing isn’t enough to stabilize the buttonhole… A tearaway stabilizer can make all the difference with stitching out that buttonhole. When you use stabilizer, stitch a basting stitch around the edge of your pattern, so that your fabric lays flat, will not pucker, and also keeps the other parts of your fabric out of the way while you stitch the applique stitches in place. You can see my basting stitch in the picture above, I left it there on purpose.

I expect to release the tutorial sometime in August or September perhaps during the row along.

I didn’t finish this project today as it’s part of the tutorial but am planning to place some continuous line blocks around the parent that are of tropical flowers and make a small tablecloth with it.

I will release the Toucan pattern later this week, along with Twas the Night blocks 13 and 14, and Cupcake of the Month.

The other Flower Bloomers For this weeks hop are:


Please be sure and visit everyone I expect we’ll see some great projects this week.

Thank you Carla for this wonderful idea for a blog hop, I had a lot of fun creating this pattern.

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35 thoughts on “Where Flowers Bloom Grows Today At Seams To Be Sew…

  1. I love the hibiscus! We have some that grow each summer, and I love seeing them bloom. That toucan is really cute too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hibiscus is one of my favorite flowers. I keep hearing a lot about tearaway stabiliser. Need to test it out. Is it the same one that is used for embroidery? I have some of those.

  3. You are always so kind to share your tips with us, Marian. I prefer tear away stabilizer, too, and almost always used the perforated type. Depending on the fabric and the density of the design, I’ll use an iron-on stabilizer to the back of the fabric too. Love your sweet toucan and flowers….so pretty!

  4. Your toucan is very cute indeed!
    When I do applique using the sewing machine, I use HeatnBond lite for a fabric backing. It makes stitching a lot easier. I also use it for machine embroidery appliques. Just my preference.

  5. Your project is awesome! I love the Toucan and the beautiful, bright flowers. I always enjoy learning from others while enjoying my blog hopping. Thanks for sharing your tips for applique.

  6. Love your Toucan enjoying the Hibiscus!! And I totally agree with you about using tearaway stabilizer rather than cutaway. Looking forward to your pattern and tutorial.

  7. I like the toucan and the flowers and especially your colors. My favorite flower is also lilacs. The fragrance has got to be the best floral scent.

  8. What a darling design! Love the Hibiscus, which is my favorite flower. Can’t wait to see the tutorial. I really enjoyed your info on stabilizers.

  9. Cute. I love hibiscus, too. Your tips on stabilizer are perfect; Even if you use the decorative stitches on a sewing machine, stabilizer will make them look great.

  10. Oh, Marian, I love your block. The little details make the block shine and the flowers really star along with that super cute Tucan. Thank you for joining Where Flowers Bloom, my friend. I’ll look forward to your tutorial. You know I love stabilizers and use them in most of my applique work.

  11. So cute! All the little details on the flowers and bird (the eyelashes, oh my!) really add to the design.

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