WooHoo It’s A Happy Happy Day and Designs 07-09 Released…

Christmas Blocks 01-09

So today, it’s been a busy day for moi…. How about you? I am busily finishing up the patterns for 12 Days this week and sewing in the evening to finish the wedding gift for my niece, but I am worried it won’t be done, so today picked up a backup gift while at Costco in case I don’t finish… I can quickly do something with those and have them done just in case…

So, today I went to the DMV… and survived.. no falling flat on my face today, I parked in a spot with none of those parking stopper thingies, and was there at 7:30am… Already, there were about 20 people in line 30 minutes before they were due to open. I’d been last Friday, never got out of my car and I should have wondered why only 1 other person was at the DMV that morning… as more gathered we found out that Colorado gives there employees Black Friday off… it’s considered a holiday. So I got into the DMV this morning, all ready to take the test, and come to find out, because my license isn’t expired, I didn’t have to take it even tho it’s still from another state. Pretty nifty, that made my day, going to the DMV is always a very nerve wracking experience.

So after I finished my errands, I came home and uploaded the designs to Craftsy, those of you who’ve already purchased can head on over and pick up your new designs today. Because I want to have these done by the end of November, I am not sure I’ll make it by Thursday, but will be trying to do so, if not they will get uploaded Friday, December 1, I’m just waiting on my tester at the moment.

Christmas Blocks 01-09Isn’t this turning into a beautiful quilt?
Clicking the image above will take you to the designs for the hand quilting and Free Motion quilt

Christmas Blocks 01-09These are designs 07 thru 09

Clicking the picture above will take you to the link for the full quilt for machine embroidery in the hoop designs.

Both of these include sizes 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8, 9×9, 10×10, and 12×12.

The machine embroidery format does not include the 10×10 design, but does include a 12×12 split design for Viking/Pfaff machines that can use the Grand Dream Hoops (in other words the 14-inch hoop)

Artwork to create these designs is from limited edition artwork at Clipartopolis.

As a reminder, today is the last day of my Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale

Use the coupon code:


at my Payhip Shop

If you didn’t see my post from Saturday and are having issues with your checkout, have a look at the post to see how to get around it.

and in just 3 days…

Cya Friday


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4 Responses to WooHoo It’s A Happy Happy Day and Designs 07-09 Released…

  1. Susan says:

    That IS a beautiful quilt. I’m glad you got your license with no trouble. Here, they give it for 7 years, and I just had to have it renewed – I did it online, for another 7 years. Really? My 70th is coming in two weeks and you don’t want to check to see if I can walk a straight line or see the traffic signs? LOL I can, in case you were worried.

    • Marian says:

      I so totally understand, it is odd, isn’t it… I think Utah is like that also, where Frank always gets a 7 year, but I get 5 years… I don’t know why they do it like that, but it’s all good, I was just happy not to have to take the test, the thing I can simply never remember is how far away I am supposed to park from that fire hydrant. 🙂

  2. quiltshopgal says:

    Are you kidding me….Colorado DMV (probably all state employees) get Black Friday off? Why don’t we just give them all a week off?

    • Marian says:

      hehe, yep, it surprised me too, but I guess in a way I can understand it. Many moons ago… I worked at a bank in Salt Lake City, and they split the days of Black Friday and New Year’s Eve. As a single person at the time, I worked the Friday after Thanksgiving and chose to take New Year’s Eve off. This was a paid holiday option for the bank where I worked, so I thought it was pretty cool.

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