WooHoo, WooHoo, WooHoo…. Is It Ok For Me To Be Excited????

Block Of The Month 2020Each year with sheer anticipation I look forward to various designers and their block of the months. I just know they have planned something special for us that year. I am always saddened when they decide to take a break or stop for a year or so, but I totally get it also. The sheer amount of work that goes into a block of the month for free or for purchase is unbelievable. You can’t even imagine unless you’ve done one for yourself. At the same time, if you’re creating that quilt I know you look forward to getting it pieced or appliqued to go into your planned project so it has to be a let down when the designer is late, such as my current botms.

Today I was doing my normal trip around the web visiting the sites who’s botm’s I am collecting for this year and when done, I decided to try some of the old 2019 sites from my list to see what is happening with those. I found one of my favorites which is Buttermilk Basin. They have started their 6th annual mystery botm for the year and I got very excited because they never let us down on a great design of there quilt. I don’t follow many mystery botms, but I always do Buttermilk Basin’s. I have added it to the 2020 BOTM page.

I also realized I forgot to add someone who is a dear friend and to Barbara Dieges, my sincerest apologies for not getting your 2020 QAL listed on the 2020 BOTM page. It is now there.

Collections By Edith is also doing a Block of the Month. I’m not sure this is a cohesive block where it works into the same project over time, but Edith has amazing patterns that are imho are always something you don’t want to miss out on… at least for me they are.

I am not able to post this one on the BOTM page as yet as they don’t have a picture yet for the Quilt Along, but Farmhouse Threads will be starting a QAL on April 1. Have you followed there previous QAL’s.. These are a “don’t miss out on” …. seriously they are always really good!! They are also always weekly but the patterns usually stay up either for a month or through the course of the event.

Update: February 26, 2020 – Farmhouse Threads has now been added to the BOTM page here on the blog, you may want to bookmark this one, it’s a weekly SAL/QAL that starts April 1 and runs till June 24. They are pretty good about keeping the blocks up for the run of the event, but some designers may take them down after a week also. Be sure you visit each week.. sign up for the newsletter, that’s the best way to know when the next block is out. To me this is always a “can’t miss” event.

Something else happened while I was tripping around the web… I came to the Two Sisters site and had a difficult time trying to find Block 2, so I am thinking maybe you did to… Here is how I found it.

Image 2020 0223 002Oddly enough I normally use menus when I visit sites but they also keep a side menu and there is a direct link to month 2 on the sidebar menu, however, the page will tell you to go to page 1 for the block, but no link to page 1. After using page 2 backlinks on that page, I decided to try the menu and went to the page via the menu, there I found block 2.

I’ve noted the above tip on the block of the month page also.

As for me, Twas The Night should finish at the end of this week with its last release.

Sunbonnet Sue will see a release in the middle of next week.

stbs-2018 sig

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6 thoughts on “WooHoo, WooHoo, WooHoo…. Is It Ok For Me To Be Excited????

  1. As always good advice. I recommend anyone following mote than one BOM to keep a list handy so that you can check it every month to make sure you have obtained the pattern. I found this very helpful last year.

  2. Good morning Marian. Thanks for the updates. Even though i can’t possible make all of the beauties available, I love to follow them, and enjoy their journey

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