Wooly Block Adventure Starts Today!!! — 4 Free Patterns … Go Get Em…

Wooly Block 2017This year’s Wooly Block Adventure brought to you by the same people who bring you the Row By Row Experience, has great new rules and opportunities for online users and I personally couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

You can now download patterns, so be sure you check this page daily or the Facebook Wooly Block page.

The downloads featured are limited it looks like for two days, then Wooly Block will feature 2-4 new shops in the event.

Click the shop’s links to buy the kits. Some of the shops have their pdf download on their sites, so you will have to visit and READ to download. Some shops may ask you to email them to get the free pattern. (I feel sorry for them already. Half Moon Handwerks asks you to email them, I already received my pattern from them, so they are keeping up at least. I wrote at 11:21 am and received it at 1:46 pm.

If you’d like to see pictures of all or most of the shops participating, you can view them here on Facebook. You can see all the pictures for the current event at the top until you many of this year’s logos. then it will start with last years winter event 2016-2017 logos. Following that is the earlier event in 2015-2016.

Don’t forget to look for the Wooly Block license plates also, they are a very cute mini size.

They plan to feature each participating shop on the Wooly Block page for free pattern downloads so be sure you check, because of the download limitation and the 5.00 fee if you miss the free download.

This is the first day and problems are already cropping up, be sure to watch the FB page, for those or the shop’s web page, or even the shops FB page. Already High Prairie Quilts are in a bit of hot water for making us have to print on 11×17 paper. Or at least I think so, it says it will print to true size on that paper if you print it out with 11×17 and it should.

I tested it, and it is possible to see how the 11×17 works, but unless you have a 11×17 printer, your still going to go to the print shop to have to print it out.

So as a quicky, let me show you how I realized the pattern will be the correct size on the 11×17 paper.

Please note, I open my pdf in Foxit’s pdf software, but mine is different because I own the Phantom Business editor, so it looks different, but the process is the same in any pdf software.

The image tutorial below will show you in Foxit, Adobe and the difference between the pattern sizes. Click the first image to view the text for the tutorial. You can advance to each image that’s next so you won’t have to close your window.

Click the first image to view the text for the tutorial. You can advance to each image that’s next so you won’t have to close your window.

An additional tip.. because I know you want to get all the free patterns for Wooly Block

Don’t just bookmark the pages…
Put Often visited sites on your Bookmarks Bar

Drag from the address bar to your bookmark bar

In Google Chrome (and this is the same process in Firefox, Safari, and Opera)
Be default, Firefox shows the bookmark bar when you install it, but in Chrome it doesn’t.
I forget how Opera and Safari do it.

Overall, last year’s event imho was better than the Row By Row experience, I thoroughly enjoyed it better and even this years, possibly because it gave me a chance to hit some of the shops themselves and pick up kits for others like they had done for me while I lived in Italy. What I am sad about with this year’s event is that many of those shops are not participating in this year’s event. None of the Colorado shops for instance that participated last year are doing it this year, but there are three other shops that took on Wooly Block.


I have some Wooly Block kits for sale if anyone is interested from last year’s Winter event. I will post those below. If you’re interested, drop me an email if you have it, or use my contact form and let me know which kit you’d like.

These are the original kits with the original patterns. I am not making a profit, I’m just trying to get the money I paid for them back.

These patterns are from the Wooly Block Adventure 2016-2017 event.

Shipping is 3.30 for the first kit in most cases and goes up slightly
in price, until you get to 13 oz when it will change to Priority mail.

Because I use Paypal now to ship with, Canadian costs are much lower than you’d
expect in fact, they range in the same price range as the US Rates.

I will ship internationally, but shipping prices are different for overseas rates.

When you email, please include your PayPal email and address, and I will send you an invoice.

Last year, I purchased 2 of some kits, some are from my trip to Utah and I realized later I wasn’t going to need 2 of each of these kits, thus I am putting them up for sale.

I will remove kits from the list if or when they sell.

Halloween Fashion Week at Quilt Art
Halloween Fashion Week at Quilt Art

My friend Janeen at Quilt Art is doing a free paper pieced pattern a day.. you don’t want to miss it.. each day this week… 

I still plan to release a Sunbonnet Sue and Sam block set today, but it may be around midnight when it happens… I really wanted to get this post out today so you didn’t miss any of the free patterns for Wooly Block.


I am in no way affiliated with the Row By Row Experience. I’m just a fan of this event as I love the idea that we get to support our local shops. The logo has been approved for use on this blog by Janet Lutz founder of the Row By Row Experience.

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  1. Thanks Marian for all the work you did putting all this info together. I wasn’t going to participate this year simply due to time and cost and hassle. I didn’t know about the free downloads. Thank you!

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