You’ve Waited… And Here we are at it again.. Sue/Sam Indiana Released…

Just a note of thanks. I know how patient you have been waiting for me to release more patterns for this series. Believe me, I to just want to finish it up at this point. However, we still have 26 states to go until it’s done. Their is no way I can finish that prior to the end of the year since the end of the year is a mere 9 to 10 weeks away. I need to finish Twas The Night up first which has only 6 more patterns to go before it’s done. So, this is the plan basically speaking… Every other week until it’s finished, Sue/Sam will get a release. Twas the Night on the weeks Sue/Sam isn’t released. Once Twas The Night is finished, I’ll work on releasing a pattern a week for Sue and Sam. With the exception of the 12 Days of Christmas Event in December which I’m sorry but no releases will happen during that period since that’s a free pattern per day event. Please note that just because I’m changing how often these will get released, you still have 30 days to finish a pattern to turn it in and get the opposite block free.

So, let’s get straight to the point of why your here.

The Sue pattern is the Free version of the set this week.

Click Me To Download
or Purchase The Set

Clicking the images will take you to the pages at Payhip.

The artwork for Sunbonnet Sue and Sam in the USA were commissioned
for  exclusive use at Seams To Be Sew by Clipartopolis

These blocks are released at the moment as they are available. 

The free patterns will remain free until next release or November 01, 2019  for download then removed from payhip. The Rewards turn in date is November 17, 2019.

Coming In 2 Weeks

Cya Soon

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19 thoughts on “You’ve Waited… And Here we are at it again.. Sue/Sam Indiana Released…

  1. ‘‘Tis night before Christmas blocks. Could I purchase them. I have just found you. I am doing the once upon a time now. They are so fabilious

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