My Projects

Current Projects:

These are projects created since opening my blog in April 2013 that are finished.

Owl KlutchEasy Fabric BoxesShe Who Sews Supply CaseSunbonnet Sue Doorstop

My Past Projects:

These are all projects I created in the 1990’s. All of them created as well during our years living in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. While I have made many quilted items, these are the few pictures I found while here in Europe that I brought with me.

Attic Windows

Poinsettia For Christmas


Log Cabin Hearts

Marion's Class Project

Trip Around the World Novelties

Trip Around the World Novelties Full

Trip Around the World For Donna

Placemats For Sale

Key Rings For Sale

Placemats Close Up

Lone Star Log Cabin

My First Quilt

The First Quilt I Sold

Club EQ Projects

None of these have actually been made, they are just my entries into Club EQ each month. All of the patterns have been created by me. You can view the description and information of each project by clicking on the images.

A Song In Our Hearts

Halloween Wheel

Rainbow Round



Broken Log-5

Broken Log-4

Broken Log-3

Broken Log-2

Broken Log-1

Broken Log Block-2

Broken Log Block-1


Log Cabin Chain 2

Log Cabin Chain 1

Halloween 2013

God Bless The USA (Dark)

God Bless The USA (Light)

Modern Dance (With Quilting Lines)

Modern Dance


New York & Vine

New York Twinkles

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