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These are happenings around the web that I have participated in, past, present and future. The Spring Fling QAL is the only one I didn’t participate in, but it’s such a great QAL, I posted it here as I followed it daily when it was first posted.

Seams To Be Sew’s Exclusive Events

Blog Hops and Quilt Alongs  Around The Web

Some of these links will take you to a page on this site for each blog hop I have listed. The pages are directly linked to the participant’s post for the day they participated in the Blog Hop. At any time, these links can go bad by a site closure, or the link being changed via the owner or any other snafu. Please report any bad links you may come upon so I can try to get them fixed quickly. If the Blog Hop hasn’t opened yet, when it does, that page will be updated daily or every other day.

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