DeStashing Sale

I need to do some destashing, between breaking my wrist bone, two weddings in Dec and February and a move next May to another house, I am going broke very fast. Seriously, in order to move, I need to start de-stashing pretty quickly. We will be moving to a smaller home and I won’t have the room for all my fabrics, let alone kits and books, so I promised the hubby I’d start letting it go. I will start posting to this part of my site regularly. I don’t want to add a cart because they never get shipping correct. I’m not out to make money here, just to create some space in my home so we don’t have to move a lot of stuff.

Shipping is 3.30 for the first kit in most cases and goes up slightly
in price, until you get to 13 oz when it will change to Priority mail.

Because I use Paypal now to ship with, Canadian costs are much lower than you’d
expect in fact, they range in the same price range as the US Rates.

I will ship internationally, but shipping prices are different for overseas rates.

When you email, please include your PayPal email, and I will send you an email.

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