Wooly Blocks For Sale

I have some Wooly Block kits for sale if anyone is interested from last year’s Winter event. I will post those below. If you’re interested, drop me an email if you have it, or use my contact form and let me know which kit you’d like.

These are the original kits with the original patterns. I am not making a profit, I’m just trying to get the money I paid for them back.

These patterns are from the Wooly Block Adventure 2016-2017 event.

Last year, I purchased 2 of some kits, some are from my trip to Utah and I realized later I wasn’t going to need 2 of each of these kits, thus I am putting them up for sale.

Wooly Blocks are 8-inch blocks, using felted wool or wool felt (two different fabrics) Either or, working with felt is a wonderful experience if you’ve never tried it.  The beauty of it is, you can applique without using turned edge because the wool does not fray. Some kits may have a small amount of cotton and in that respect, they would need to be turned or a fusible would be needed with a sewing machine stitch.

I will remove kits from the list if or when they sell.

Shipping is 3.30 for the first kit in most cases and goes up slightly
in price, until you get to 13 oz when it will change to Priority mail.

Because I use Paypal now to ship with, Canadian costs are much lower than you’d
expect in fact, they range in the same price range as the US Rates.

I will ship internationally, but shipping prices are different for overseas rates.

When you email, please include your PayPal email, and I will send you an email.

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