Ghoulish Hand Series Released..

-Ghoulish HandHeya Everyone..

Perhaps you remember my ghoulish hand from Wicked 3 in 2013.

Last year I added it to my wallhanging for the Black Cat Blog Hop..

Many of you have requested this pattern over the years, and I have finally released it as a quilt pattern.

I added some extra hands to this pattern, I elongated the arm, added it to a corner, and added a spider.. as a bonus part of the pattern I have added more spiders in various sizes including one for a mugrug.

The Ghoulish Hand Series

Each of the arms come in a variety of sizes:

The original hand comes in 8×5, 10×7, and 12×9

The hand with the spider comes in 8×5, 10×7, and 12×9

The hand in a corner comes in 9×4, 10×5, 12×7, and 15×10

The elongated hand comes in 15×10 only.

Extra spiders are 9×6, 12×7, and 15×10 with a special mugrug size of 6×9.

Halloween 2014

If you like you can read more about the above wallhanging I put the ghoulish hand in here.

I hope you enjoy my Ghoulish Hand.

Artwork by Delightful Doodles

Pattern by Marian Pena of Seams To Be Sew

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6 Responses to Ghoulish Hand Series Released..

  1. AvatarLorie Bugaiski says:

    Nice and creepy!

  2. AvatarMarjorie henwood says:

    Love it!! The hands are great

  3. AvatarBeth Strand says:

    Those hands are just enchantingly creepy! Thanks for pulling this together and all your help!
    Beth @ Words & Stitches

  4. AvatarCarol says:

    Such a perfectly creepy hand! Love it

  5. A very haunting hand! FABULOUS!!!

  6. AvatarWendy K says:

    Nice and creepy! Love it!

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