A Fresh Snow Day 02 – Still No Snow :/

A Fresh Snow Blog HopHere we are in the middle of January, and we still have no snow… This is Colorado people, known for it’s infamous ski resorts, I live so close to them I can literally taste the snow on the top of Pikes Peak and yet… down at my house, there is sadly, still no snow… We did have a “pinch” of snow last Friday and were promised another inch over the weekend, but it never came. I really miss the snow when it’s not on the ground. It is different when you live in an area not known for snow, you don’t really expect snow to come, so when it does it’s a lovely surprise that amazes and astounds you at it’s sheer beauty. Who would think all that white everywhere could just makes things look so clean and quiet and astoundingly beautiful.

Last Friday, we had some beautiful projects in the blogs that were featured and I’m so looking forward to today’s featured bloggers, so without further ado, here is today’s schedule:

Jan 23

Quilted Fabric Art
Sew Many Yarns

and today’s giveaway is:

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A Fresh Snow Day 01 – and sadly, no snow today here in CO :/

A Fresh Snow Blog HopWell it’s still dark outside as I write this post this morning… and est time is 6:13 am… It’s very quiet here in the mornings, my hubby is still up in bed and I’ve got a few moments to get this post written very quickly for you.

I’m so excited you’ve stopped in today to visit for the first blog hop of the year. A Fresh Snow came from the idea for me when I ws working to get Wooly Block kits. I honestly had no intention of even participating in the event, but when I was sewing clothing the one fabric I loved working with was wool, then when we heard about the move to Colorado, that’s when I really decided that yep, I was going to participate, how lovely would it be to have a new quilt for my new home. Today isn’t my day and my project isn’t done, so I’ll be hopefully sewing on it all weekend long.. My friend Joan was here yesterday and it was so much fun meeting and chatting with her. She really got the everything in place for me to set my machines and desktop up, so I’m going to get that finished up this weekend.

Today’s Featured Blogs are:

Jan 20

Jane’s Quilting
Lulu & Celeste
Quilt In Piece
3Patch Crafts

Today’s Giveaway is:

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Twas The Night Before Christmas Block 01 Released

Twas The Night Before Christmas Block Of The Month

Just released on Craftsy, Block 01 of Twas The Night Before Christmas.

For now, I’m going to note, this is the paid Block Of The Month, the cost for those of you who will ask is 5.00 per month. There are two files to download, the pdf, and a zip file that contains the machine embroidery and svg cutting files. If you don’t need the zip, just download the pdf. 🙂

You can turn in your finished block at the Flickr group for up to 60 days, to get the second block free. However, you can purchase the block for 5.00 for one month also. After 30 days, the cost of the blocks will go up to 7.50 each.

I’ve made a PInterest group for Twas The Night and a Facebook group called Seams To Be Sew Help for help with this quilt and my other patterns if you’d care to join it.

Block 02 will be released Continue reading

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Twas The Night Before Christmas… Release Today..

Twas The Night Before Christmas Block Of The Month

Thank you to all of you who emailed yesterday wondering where my post was. I have to be honest, this series has a bit more detail than I had anticipated and I am still writing the pattern. I am almost done.

Release should happen sometime this afternoon. I just want to be sure I have everything correct before releasing, so please just bear with me a little longer.

I do not have my desktop up yet, which has hindered my getting the pattern out on time, I have to work on my old laptop at the moment to finish part of the pattern due to software I can’t install on new laptop because the cd is packed in a box still. Once this pattern is up today I’ll be back in my sewing room, I am to a point I can start putting tables up, which means I can get everything unpacked, so by the release of Sue next week, hopefully I will be getting back to normal.

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A Fresh Snow Schedule and Quilt Qwazy Queens 2017

It’s that time of year again… today I’m writing you with a preview of the schedule for A Fresh Snow.. the blog hop coming in just 9 more days now. I hope you will enjoy this fresh look on Winter with projects that are featured by not only using cotton, but other fabric choices to. The projects don’t have to use any cotton, or they can have some cotton, but the main objective is to feature fabrics in projects that are not necessarily all cotton.

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Sunbonnet Sue and Sam 2017 BOTW Preview and Attn: Susan E..

S&S Logo 2017Last night I had the good fortune to receive the first set of artwork from Clipartopolis for this years Block Of The Week.

So, I’ve drawn up what would have been this months blocks to give you a preview.

I’m also going to change the release date…

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Can You Believe It!!!

Personally, I’m in shock, the MOVERS are finally here… I can’t believe they actually drove here with the weather as it is.

Frankie did his part, he was up at 5am, and outside shoveling the sidewalk and driveway. He said the snow just slid away, so it wasn’t stuck or anything but still it was a lot of snow to be out their in the dark just shoveling away…

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Seams To Be Sew Site Change…

TTNBC-02b-alt fireplace-largeHi Everyone, just a quick note, I am adding a SSL certificate to my site to secure the shopping cart I am adding. My site may be down for a few hours or up to 24 hours. I will try to have everything back online as quickly as possible once it propagates, the biggest difference you might see is no images .. which I’ll fix as quickly as possible.

I’ve drawn the winners for the other 3 mats I had offered on the Sunbonnet Sue release a few weeks ago, winners will be notified in email this morning.

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Are You Doing A Block Of The Month In 2017?

ttnbc-01-largeAs a quilter, one of the things I most enjoy is a pattern, something that entices me, something that makes me think WoW, I want to make that.  When I got back into quilting in 2013 after a 15 year break from it, I was amazed at how some things had changed, but how some things had remained the same. What I didn’t know about at the time was blogging. I was looking around at places on the web thinking that there had to be some quilters who had websites. Imagine my surprise when I not only discovered blogs, but quilters who so generously give of their time to create patterns that they just gave away.. freely.. WoW!!!

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Happy New Year and a Year In Review…

Best of 2016I’ve never really thought about all of the things that can happen over a year or so, but it really is amazing to see how things turn and evolve thru each day, week and month. Last year at this time, I participated in a linky party with Meadow Mist Designs

Last year at this time, I was amazed that I had just over 100 posts for the entire year of 2015, I thought it was an amazing feat to accomplish, but this year, even tho I had a few low months, I still managed to beat that accomplishment with 166 posts to my blog in 2016 versus the 109 I had for 2015. I never thought it would be possible to be honest.. but I had a fun year offering events such as hosting blog hops, and even a second block of the week series during the summer.

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12 Days of Christmas Winners and Extra Patterns

Full View with Train 10Hi Everyone!! It’s so hard to believe, just a few days away is Christmas and I have just finished up these patterns for you. 

I have added a left corner border with a Gingerbread Train Station, Train Cars 09 and 10, and a option bottom right corner with a Gingerbread House and Tunnel instead. I hope you like them. These are available currently only in my Craftsy Store.

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12 Days of Christmas Day 12

12 Days D12-1I know I am very late today, I never meant to post so very very late. I am sure it’s because I took on to much for today’s post, but I hope you will think it’s worth it. I really appreciate your patience.

I look forward to this event, each year I’ve had my blog opened I’ve done something for Christmas. Last year, I had made a lot of tree patterns, and I had remembered that Janeen also does a 12 days event on her blog. I wrote her and asked if we could do it together and it’s been fun to do it last year and this year. This year, we got together on the same project and came up with the Gingerbread Village for you. This is a fun way to bring people to our blog, and still say Thank You for visiting. We hope you’ll come back for more next year. 

So, first, a Huge Huge Huge Thank You for visiting me this year, visiting Janeen, encouraging us to bring you the best of what we have to offer you. It’s a real delight to hear or read a great comment, or see a thank you, or even just wishing us well because you may not have seen us post for awhile. Believe me, if you weren’t visiting, I doubt I’d still be running a blog.

So let’s get to the nitty and the gritty.. Today’s last release… I have for you the Sledding Ginger pattern featured in Block 9 of Janeen‘s pattern. Train 08, Continue reading

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12 Days of Christmas Day 11

12 Days D11-2Day 11 is here and tomorrow at this time, will be the last day of 12 Days of Christmas. Janeen has block 12 available on her blog. She’s added her blocks to her Craftsy Store for you to pick up if you missed one, I have added days 01 to day 10 on my Craftsy Shop..

I keep apologizing for being late, but ya know, it’s only 9:17am in the morning here in Colorado.. I am not late.. :p~

Today I have for you the Skating Gingerbread Girl and Train Car 07.

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