Daydreams of Quilts, Clover Needlecrafts & Ackfeld Wire Welcome To The Christmas Caroling RAL

Christmas Caroling Row AlongSo today, I’m doing my morning blog run, gee, if I were an exercise person that could easily read “jogging” run… but my morning exercise is usually to visit my favorite blogs and see whats going on in the world.

When I went to Facebook, I saw a post on my wall about The Quilt Haus in New Braunfels, Texas. They are accepting, quilts, fabrics, old blocks, tops, UFO’s, any supplies, help or whatever we as quiters can offer to create quilts and pet quilts for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. There is actually a huge need for batting. I have batting, I’m going to send some. Since I started using wool batts, I’ve changed my favorite of cotton to wool and I doubt I’m going to change anytime soon, so the cotton batts I do have are just sitting on the shelf at the top of my closet with nothing to do. I know now they were waiting for me to offer them to be used for this purpose. They have partcipated in many relief efforts in various emergencies over the last 14 years. I encourage you to please help, send something your not using, even UFOs you aren’t going to get back to… they will do something with it.. Just think, many of them could be pet beds or comforters if they aren’t large like quilt tops usually are. You can read more about it here on there Facebook page. Even if your not on Facebook, you should be able to see the page and the post.

To ship your items, no need to even contact them, just go ahead and ship

Quilt Haus
ATTN: HarveyHelp
651 N Business IH-35
Ste 510
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Phone: (830) 620-1382

What I liked about this post is that while they do need money donations (mainly for batting), they actually encourage you to send it to the various charities such as Red Cross, or the Houston Food Bank, etc so that the immediate needs can also be filled.

Now, lets get to today’s sponsors for the Christmas Caroling Row Along… Ackfeld Wire, Daydreams of Quilts, and Clover Needlecrafts.

Ackfeld wireAre there any of you that doesn’t own an Ackfeld Wire hanger? I know for me, I love these hangers and their is so much variety to choose from. Most are reasonably priced and can be used over and over again to fit our changing needs when we change out our wallhangings, desk quilts, calendars, etc… This is why I approached them and asked for some hangers for the Row Along. Even if you don’t make a quilt with all your rows, you can use the hangers for various rows to just hang on your door, or walls, or shorten a row up and use a desk/table hanger.

Anita LaHayAnita LaHay from Daydreams of Quilts is one of the bloggers in the Christmas Caroling Row Along and she has a special treat coming for you also.

CloverSome of my favorite notions come from the company Clover Needlecrafts. I’ve used their notions for as along as I can remember. My favorite is probably their seam ripper. I believe without a doubt it is the best on the market. Clover allowed me to choose which notions they are giving in this give away and I chose all my favorites. πŸ™‚ Have a look inside this post… and see what my favorite Clover Notions are… πŸ™‚

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Inspired LED and Purple Daisies Give Aways for the Christmas Caroling Row Along

Christmas Caroling Row AlongI have been having a hard time these last few days. My mind on family and friends in Texas who are dealing with the effects of Hurricane Harvey, and the flooding that’s happening from all the rain. I feel selfish in a way offering giveaways for this event when I know my friends may have to replace many things not only in there sewing rooms but in there homes. As a child, I can remember when my parents basement flooded because the canal gates weren’t turned off. This happened back in the 1970’s and I remember being about eleven or twelve years old at the time. My brother slept downstairs and I can still remember my mothers screams and my father rushing down the stairs to get him out of the rising water. After the flooding, I can still remember the dryer floating in the basement, and the beautiful upright piano just ruined by the water. It was a difficult time for a bit after that and the cleanup took forever. My parents moved out of that home about a year after the flood, I was about to enter the 7th grade when we moved to the newer home. I truly know the devastation water causes and it just makes me sad that so many people have to go thru this tough time.

As I said, it gives me pause, I read a post this morning at While She Naps a blog maintained by Abby Glassenberg about crafters and charities. There are many things about the post that I agree with and many comments that I also agree with. While I know that money is probably the #1 thing that charities need, I also understand the need sometimes for specific items that charities need. I’ve been trying to think how I can help my friends in Texas, and it occurred to me that I could use this event to possibly help. Perhaps you would want to do so also. I can’t tell you to give, nor do I want to, but possibly when we start and your downloading patterns or if you win something, perhaps consider giving a donation to one of your favorite charities using her recommended Charity Navigator site. A site that helps people know which charities are doing the best job of helping others. Even $10.00 helps a charity, so please give it some thought as you receive these beautiful products donated by the sponsors and download the patterns by the various bloggers who generously gave a great deal of time to create them. The patterns and the giveaways are free, but by even downloading all 44 patterns you are gaining patterns that might cost you nearly 400 to 500 dollars otherwise. Their is no need to provide proof of a donation, I just ask you to remember that it could be you, me, or anyone you know that is also in this situation. Helping whether you make something or just by offering a few dollars helps people rebuild and reunite.

So, lets get on with today’s sponsors, and I do apologize for taking some time this morning to talk about this subject, I just wanted to reflect on where my thoughts have been these last few days.

Inspired LEDInspired LED is a lighting company, much like Ottlite is in that they both offer lighting solutions.

Inspired LED makes a light that we can attach to our sewing machines that adds a lot more lighting to our machines than what we get with standard lighting solutions. Even built in lighting still gives shadows, and depending on where you attach this on your machine you will get a much better overall appearance of light to the machine.

Purple Daisies is a company owned by Sharon Schamber and Cristy Fincher. They are dedicated to bringing machine embroidery designs to the quilting community. They offer many designs especially for quilting on the embroidery machine, but they also offer tutorials and lessons on working with specialty techniques for you to quilt in your hoop. They also have many wonderful tutorials on Youtube that you can watch to also learn invaluable techniques. This is how I first discovered Purple Daisies. They have also been featured on The Quilt Show several times.

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Christmas Caroling Row Along Sponsors, Anita Goodesign and Ottlite…

Christmas Caroling Row AlongI have been told that quilters don’t own embroidery machines. I do not think this is true. It might be fun to see how many of you out their have an embroidery machine. Most of you know that most of my patterns come with machine embroidery designs to help you create your embroidery work on the patterns quicker than by normal hand methods.



Personally I Anita Goodesignlove Anita Goodesign’s designs and love it when they offers a giveaway for this event. They gave us some wonderful embroidery cds last year and this year, they have not disappointed either. They are a generous company who give you the opportunity to try there wonderful designs.

Ott LiteOttlite is another great company. They have given us several lamps thru various events hosted by Seams To Be Sew. They imho make the absolute best lighting for any of my needs not just sewing, but bedroom, living room, kitchen, basement. When we moved into this house last year, the one thing it lacks is overhead ceiling lights. The one thing I was short of was lamps. I had a few, but nothing like we had in Italy. I purchase Ottlites for each room as I love them and I know they last and last and last.


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Canadian Sue & Sam – Manitoba Released!!!

Manitoba Sam and SueI don’t have any good excuses why this is so late, but it’s finally here and I’m happy to have the fifth province done…. almost half way there and I really do want to try and finish them all this year. So, here is Manitoba, and the next set release for Canadian Sue and Sam is Prince Edward Island. I have them drawn, and just need to finish up the digitizing files for the tester to work on, so hopefully, she will get them this week.

It’s been a busy summer and I will try to release updates during the Christmas Caroling Row Along, but any updates will be released on days where the event is not going on, such as Monday, Wednesdays or Fridays.

So, let’s get to the downloads… Sue is the free file for this release. Continue reading

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Christmas Caroling Row Along Welcomes Michael Miller and Hobbs….

Christmas Caroling Row AlongToday is my 33rd wedding anniversary. I am writing this post quickly because I need to get downstairs and start my Pork Roast and the cake I’m going to bake for the hubby. I am happy he doesn’t read my blog otherwise I couldn’t post about this. πŸ™‚

Next week, we’ll be just one week away from the start of the Christmas Caroling Row Along, I hope you’re making your giveaway wish list and getting ready to Deck the Halls with the Christmas season happening here at Seams To Be Sew and 41 other blogs.

Michael MillerEither or, today we celebrate the next sponsors for the Christmas Caroling Row Along. Michael Miller is a new sponsor this year and he hasn’t let you down. He’s has sent a beautiful fat quarter bundle and a fat eighth bundle and wait till you see these really fun Christmas fabrics.


HobbsHobb’s Batting is also a sponsor this year and they have sponsored past events here at Seams To Be Sew. I am a big fan of this batting and have been for many years. I haven’t tried one of the types they are giving away tho (see I’m having a little teaser here) πŸ™‚ but I am excited at the prospect of trying it… you’ll have to read the post inside to see what I’m talking about… πŸ™‚

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Christmas Caroling Row Along… C&T Publishing & Martelli Notions…

Christmas Caroling Row Along

I am excited to bring you these next two sponsors. C&T Publishing and Martelli Notions have sponsored events in the past at Seams To Be Sew and I am pleased that they have joined once again with some really great giveaways.




C&T PublishingC&T Publishing for me has long been one of my favorite publishers. They consistently bring fine books and publications to all quilters. While I may not like every technique, I love trying new techniques, so when something new is out there, I want to try it. When I am looking for books, if it’s a C&T Publication, I rarely hesitate to buy the book.


Martelli LogoMartelli‘s rotary cutter is an amazing tool. It does take a bit to get used to it, but as you use it more and more you finally get how it works and I am so glad I made the jump about a year and a half ago when I bought my first cutter from them. I really love the cutter now and can’t imagine being without it when I rotary cut my fabrics.


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Amy Bradley and Electric Quilt are here for the Christmas Caroling Row Along…

Christmas Caroling Row AlongIn a day and age when we are seeing more and more people trying various techniques for quilting, along come two sponsors who really give us great joy in our quilting with not only their designs but their software.

I know this post is very late today, it’s just been a very weird day for me. I lost a folder in my email software that included all the sponsor information. Thank goodness I keep all my email from Gmail in the All Mail folder after it’s downloaded… I’m currently re-downloading all email for the last 30 days. Over 5300 emails, but it’s worth it to get that info back.

Today’s great sponsors are Electric Quilt and Amy Bradley Designs.

Electric QuiltElectric Quilt has been a sponsor of this event for all three of this row alongs years now. Our first year actually featured Electric Quilt’s software and all the designers who were in that row along that year used Electric Quilt to create their rows with. We called that Row Along EQ Seasons.





Amy BradleyAmy Bradley is someone whom I’ve long admired and that is the reason I approached her this year to be a sponsor. I absolutely love her patterns. They are cute, fun and whimsical.

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Christmas Caroling Sponsors – Just Another Button & Hoffman Fabrics…

Christmas Caroling Row Along

Today is a history-making day!!! An eclipse is going to hover over my beautiful part of the world here in Colorado. We should get to see about 90 to 93% of the eclipse, and my sister and my niece Olivia are visiting Idaho Falls today with their NASA approved eclipse glasses. It’s an exciting day for everyone who gets the chance to see this amazing piece of history. At the row by row studio blog, they have a cool tutorial on how to make an eclipse out of one of the Junior Rows.

At the AQPS blog, they also have a free pattern for you… Love both of these patterns, be sure you get yours. At Stash Bandit another free pattern also.

In the world of quilting, Leah Day is celebrating 8 years since she started the Free Motion Quilting Project… Congratulations Leah Day!!! She is offering a sale on her website, it’s worth a look, you might find something you’re looking for.

Here at Seams To Be Sew, we are celebrating the sponsors for the Christmas Caroling Row Along…

HoffmanHoffman Fabrics and Just Another Button




Just Another Button Company are being featured today.



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Christmas Caroling Row Along Schedule, Rules, and How Tos

Christmas Caroling Row AlongIt’s just not that far away at this point, less than 2 1/2 weeks away before we start this event.

This event is in it’s 3rd year hosted by Seams To Be Sew. It is my favorite event of the year.

It also happens to fall in the same month as National Sewing Month, declared by Ronald Reagan in 1982. Thank you!! I’d rather it be International Sewing Month, but I’m not going to quibble over it either.

I think I should tell you a little bit how this event works. If your experienced with blogging events, you already have an idea of how they work, so just ignore the next paragraph or two and scroll those eyes on down to the schedule.

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Christmas Caroling Row Along… Giveaways by Aurifil and The Fat Quartershop

Christmas Caroling Row AlongA friend of mine wrote me today with how I am such a tease… Really!! Am I teasing you? πŸ™‚

Well I hope so..each day, a new giveaway by the wonderful sponsors of the Christmas Caroling Row Along…

I wouldn’t want to put up all the prizes at once, I want to entice you, yes, bring you back each day just so you get to see the wonderful offerings of each sponsor.

They deserve their 15 minutes. It also helps you to remember the row along. Imagine doing all this work and then no one shows up. πŸ™‚

With that in mind, today’s wonderful sponsors are Aurifil and The Fat Quartershop and you are not going to be disappointed.

AURIFILToday’s first sponsor is one of my favorite thread companies to use.

Who doesn’t love this wonderful thread, it glides smoothly in our machine, it rarely breaks in fact I can’t recall a time it actually ever broke on me. It winds off the spool perfectly on all of my machines, it has over 240 color choices to choose from in cotton thread of different weights and imho it’s simply the The Fat Quartershopbest thread to use on my treasured projects.

Our next wonderful sponsor is someone who when I need something online it is always my first stop to see if they have it. I’m of course talking about





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Christmas Caroling Row Along… Giveaways by Moda Fabrics and June Tailor…


It’s super exciting to bring you each of these new giveaways each day.

I love the comments I see not only here in the comments, but on Facebook in the stb-Row Along and Events group along with the comments on my Seams To Be Sew Facebook page.

Recently I’ve had some questions on how to keep in the know about the Row Along. This blog offers several ways for you to know what’s happening. It’s main emphasis is at  Facebook, there are other options to keep track of this blog. My favorite is BlogLuvin. You get to choose whether you want a daily subscription of all your favorite blogs, or a single email each time they post. Next would be Networked Blogs, where you get a daily email also of all your subscribed blogs, but sadly they don’t show them all if you belong to many blogs. Next would be Pinterest, you get an email each time a post is added to one of the boards you follow or the account you are following. It can be annoying if you follow a lot of boards now, but they also allow desktop notifications now also, so if your a huge Pinterest fan, this is the way to go. Last would be Google, not always reliable, but you will literally get an email for each new post to people you follow or groups you belong to.

The Christmas Caroling Row Along has it’s own Pinterest board also and you can follow that here.

I’m excited to bring you today’s giveaways from sponsors during the Christmas Caroling Row Along because one is Moda Fabrics and the other is June Tailor.

both are pJune Tailorroducts I love and adore and I know you to will be very excited about what they’ve given for you to win.







Sadly, I have misplaced my camera again, (I wish everything had the ability to just “call” it so you could find it again) LOL… so I’ve taken these pictures with my cell phone camera… so much harder to do. I love having that zoom feature on my camera, and the ability to control my lighting. So here are the pictures just as they were taken.

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Christmas Caroling Row Along… Giveaways by Barbara and The Broken Needle…


When the Christmas Caroling Row Along starts, there will be many wonderful giveaways from the generous companies who have decided to sponsor a product from there lines/company this year.

I’ll start off with some of the giveaways that came first during the summer and finish with the first two from Calibre Art and Northcott.

One of our sponsors from last year is back again with more of her wonderful books. Barbara Dieges who has participated last year and now this year again has created a wonderful row for you. I have seen it and it is inspiring and beautiful.

The Broken NeedleWendy Kruskie from KwiltKrazy has long been a blogger who I participated in many blog hops with. She has always created amazing projects. Earlier this year, she and her husband opened a shop called The Broken Needle. They are also offering a wonderful giveaway…

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Christmas Caroling RAL… Announcing Newest Sponsors, All The Bloggers

CCLogo-2Where has the time gone??? We are three weeks, just three weeks away from the start of this years Row Along.

I love this event, it’s my favorite one each year. Any of you who have followed this blog know the theme this year is Christmas Carols.

Each designer has taken a public domain song and created it with her own design in mind to reflect the words of the song.

I am proud and pleased to announce this year’s bloggers and designers. Many are back for the third year in a row, others for their 2nd year in a row and new designers are also featured this year.

We also have some wonderful giveaways coming your way for this year’s Row Along, again, some of these companies are here for the third time, and others are new. I will feature each day for the next week or so what they are giving away. You can always see the full list of sponsors on the side of the blog under the logo, and the giveaways and sponsors will also be listed on this page. Be sure to stop by to see what’s coming in this year’s Row Along and maybe even a hint or two of my row…

Rules and Guidelines with How To’s are located here.

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