12 Days Of Christmas Day 05

stbs-2016-gingerbread-b2-on-snowGood Morning All, I apologize for being late this morning, I was writing the post last night and kept falling asleep at the laptop.. I finally decided to just write Janeen and let her know I’d be late today.

Today’s release marks 3 shapes to download, two of them for Block 02, and the other another part of the Train border. There are two pdf files, so be sure you download both files.

I thought I’d show you two ways the gingerbread can be done… just a slight adjustment makes this look just a little different.

On Day 2, block 6 was released, I didn’t release this Gingerbread because I hadn’t really given much thought to moving the Gingerbread down into the path, but when I was making the pattern for it, I realized you could make that slight adjustment and he’d also be on the path.

You may need to click the image to see what I mean for On the path, but just that slight adjustment also is kind of fun and makes the most ever so slight of a difference.

I’d like to take a moment and sincerely apologize for my late posting today, it just couldn’t be helped. I’ve been dealing with a cold for the last two weeks or so, on top of that, the cough syrup, I believe probably maybe me sleepy last night and while I was writing this post I was falling asleep at the laptop. I finally just wrote Janeen and told her I would be late.

I had not intended to be so very late this morning, but I received a note this morning in email that was somewhat disturbing to me.

So let me just say and without what would have been my original response..

To Renee Chester

You would have received this in email, but your email is bouncing, so you’ll get my reply here, right on my blog, so that everyone else who cares to read it also sees it, since you also did it for me… Now you may have been teasing on your comment yesterday, but I didn’t take it that way.. It’s one of those things where you just never know because your reading, but do let me respond here….

Please don’t tell me you love the patterns, that your downloading the patterns and that you at 6:49 am your time found they weren’t released yet… I am not on your schedule, this is MY blog… I don’t appreciate that you download the patterns without a single comment for the last 4 days, of thank you, or that your enjoying the series, but you feel it’s ok to write and then say all that in one comment along with the fact that the patterns haven’t yet been released. It’s not nice… I took a little visit over to Janeen’s blog also, and you haven’t said a word their either to thank her for her patterns or even tell her how much you like the village. But I’d bet, if she were late, you might have said something… 

It’s just in poor taste Renee, you have a blog, you know how much a comment means.. I bet you like getting them also… So do I and I read every single one of them and respond when necessary. 

So I’m sorry if I’ve offended you by posting this publicly, but maybe someone else who reads this might also get how it feels to be told you like it, you are grateful for it… but your not doing it the way I want it.. 🙂 How would you have felt, if I’d done that to you Renee.. on your blog in a comment? It’s not like I don’t have a contact form, I do, and I know it works as many people use it to contact me and they always get a reply.

Now as the other part of your response, on Day 01, I said, if I was late, I would leave the downloads up on the late day for the full 24 hours, so at 6:49 am tomorrow when you check for Day 06’s posting, come on over here, and download Day 05’s.. it will still be available until probably 4:30 pm in the afternoon mountain standard time.

To those who might have read the above:

I do not want you to think you can’t complain or write me. That’s not the case, I am usually fine with anything you have to say. What I don’t appreciate is being told you love it, you are grateful for it, but that I’m late, where am I? It just rubs me the wrong way.. Especially if you follow my blog regularly, and never leave a comment. You might think I never read the comments, but I do, I read every single one of them and I know even now who the people are that comment most often, who says thank you, who says they like it… I know every single one of them. They are the people who follow me thru everything I put them thru and I love each and every single one of them. You don’t have to comment to complain even, just don’t sugar coat your complaint with words first that should make me feel great. If I’m late, believe me, I already feel guilty over it.

Now.. On with the Downloads…

Click the images below to get the patterns and to all of you who’ve been so patient, wrote me with your concerns… Thank you so much for understanding.

Please remember do not use android or iphone, or ipad type devices to download. If you have a problem with the download, first, try changing the device your using to a laptop or a desktop.
To download, click the image above, it will open straight to the pdf, click the download button. Do not try sharing it to google drive, upload it after you download it to google drive if that’s what your trying to accomplish.

Bell Artwork by Cuddle Creek Graphics
Gingerbread Artwork Trina Clark

and today’s train…


Artwork for the train set is by Country Clipart by Lisa

Because I am late today, I will keep the downloads online until at least 4pm mst tomorrow Dec 8, 2016.

Downloads are now expired

Now, Onto the Surprise…. 

Remember I told you Monday I had a wonderful surprise for you..

Over the weekend, I was contacted by Sam at Calibre Arts.

He told me he had a new mat that was out and wondered if I would be willing to post about it. He offered to send me some mats to give away and of course I jumped at the chance, you all know how much I love these mats.

So he sent me 10.. 10 of them… They are a new rotating mat, and these babies are really nice. I have them in my hot little hands as we speak.. ok, really they are on the floor in the box that they were shipped in, but I opened the box and tried one out.. You are going to love this mat.

btw.. I am keeping one of the mats for myself, and sending another to Janeen, so I am giving away 8 mats.. 5 with 12 Days of Christmas, and the other 3 with the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam release (that’s coming) 🙂 So be sure to watch both posts for your chance to win one of these mats.

You can read more about them here also.

He offers these in two sizes, 14×14 and 8×8

The ones I am giving away are 14×14

I think the sizes are perfect… Let me show you tho how these work…

In order to enter to win one of these mats, you will need to be willing to pay shipping on them. They are very lightweight tho, so I suspect that they will not cost a lot of money to ship. I’m sorry I can’t afford to ship 8 mats all over the world and this is open to everyone. When I go out tomorrow, I will get a quote on how much they will cost to ship.

They are really nice, while I don’t have my rotary cutter at the moment, I did check them out, the back is foam based and stays in place on the table, on the floor, and on the carpet even… 🙂 The turn is not tight, but tight enough to keep your fabric in place while you rotate the mat and it does stay in place while you are cutting on the mat.. (I ran my knife across it like a rotary cutter to test it)

There was a slight smell coming out of the box, but that has died down since I opened it about an hour or so ago.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can enter this giveaway daily, it will be on each and every post.

I didn’t get to finish the boy yesterday for Sue and Sam, but I will be working on him the rest of today, so will post it once they are done. I really do want to get them released today if at all possible.

Don’t forget about the DJ Inkers giveaway, you can enter that here….there is also a free pattern to download on that post to.

Be Sure you Stop In To See Janeen Today To

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew


54 thoughts on “12 Days Of Christmas Day 05

  1. Talk about being late. Me not you. I missed the first train car-just didn’t realize it was a download. Any chance I may buy the pattern? Thanks.

  2. Thank you for all your hard work in preparing these embellishments and sharing them with us. I’m not sure of our time difference, so I just check a couple times during the day to see if you’ve posted and since I know it’ll be there for 24 hours, it’s not a concern. I love both your designs and Janeen’s.

  3. WOW! This is an amazing quilt-each day is better than the day before. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing, Susan

  4. We never say thank you enough. Not only sharing your talents but organizing this is much appreciated. Although I’m NOT an applicator I just enjoy seeing your talents. That’s why I go to the Houston Quilt Festivale. Have a great day. Hope your not snowed in and have power.

  5. Hi Marian,
    Once again you’ve out done yourself. I don’t know how you do all you do. Hope your move was successful. Keep doing great things!

  6. I for one am glad that you were late getting your post up, my hubby was rushed to hospital today and I was able to download them this morning. Thank you!

  7. Marian, Thank you so much for the fantastic Christmas patterns. You and Janeen are doing a great job. And thanks for introducing me to Janeen’s page as well. You originally drew me in with your Sam & Sue around the world. They are so adorable. Now your page is my first stop each morning. I’m a beginning paper piecer so this is way beyond my skill set, but there is a lady in my weekly sit and sew that is an expert and has agreed to help me with this one. Can’t wait to get started on it (after the 1st of the year). Feel better soon! Quilty hugs to you from Melany in Texas

  8. Marion, I’m sorry to say this is the first time I have visited your blog. I am on Janeen’s mailing list so I get e-mails on a regular basis, however up until today I haven’t been able to get on my computer, mush less opened an e-mail in several days. I have missed out on the first four days of patterns, and I am so sad for that, but I do know I will be able to buy them later so that makes me feel better.
    When I opened Janeen’s e-mail and saw The 12 Days of Christmas had started, oh man, the pics so far of y’alls blocks are beautiful! This is how I found your blog, now I’ve got to go back and see what all you’ve been up to.
    I have a Craftsy account, and I have a very large wish list on there, and most of the patterns on there are Janeen’s, now I need to check you out on that also.
    So I want to thank you both for all that you do. I think it is awesome that designers share patterns on their blogs, but when they put all this together, then give it for free is very special. So if I don’t get to post again, this is thanks for the whole series, and such a beautiful quilt.
    Get well soon, and Merry Christmas,
    Lisa, in Alabama

  9. I’m with you 100%, some people have all the nerve. I actually thought you might be sick. After moving from Italy where it was warmer to the snow where ti is cold. Then of course you have all that unpacking to do. Did you manage to unpack your sweaters?
    Wishing you all the best and a huge thank you for all you do for us.
    Warm hugs, Ruthie in Israel

  10. Thank you for sharing. You need to vent once in a while and I know you put tons of work into these unique designs. I am amazed that you are able to get these together with your busy Life. Thanks,
    Elizabeth in Silverdale, WA

  11. Another great block today! As well as a reminder to all of us that words matter. Think before speaking, it always worth the extra few seconds. A big thanks yo your and Janeen as well as Calibre mats. I do love my little one.

  12. Wow, a double whammy of goodness today! Triple, really, ’cause there’s the train. Trains are definitely my thing, and this is adorable. Thank you so much, Marian for all these designs. I’m thinking that gingerbread man may find himself taking trips to LOTS of places on my quilts!

    I meant to be here early this morning to find out the Wed. news, but it didn’t work out that way, and here it is almost midnight! But the news is fabulous! Thank him, please, for being so generous and giving away so many, and the big ones! With ten in one box, I’m sure there would be that manufacturing smell – almost everything made has that at first, until it airs out.

  13. I am new to your blog and Janeen’s. Someone on another group I am on was sharing about the 12 Days of Christmas quilt a long and that is how I found you on the first day. I fell in love with your stuff and Janeen’s stuff. Where have ya’ll been or where have I been. Love the Sam’s and Sue’s too! I am a bit overwhelmed right now with taking it all in. I read and see and click and click and before you know it, time has flown and my mind is in a whirlwind. I work too..12 to 16 hour days..so…I am tired at times while visiting. I can’t find how to try to enter for a chance to win the rotating mat but would love to try. Also, about that cold you have. It might be a virus..there is a mean virus going around that last 10 to 15 days…the worse part is 10 days. I had it several weeks ago and could barely get out of bed to go to the restroom for 4 days of it. There was nothing to do to make it go away..virus just has to take it’s course. Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids..stay hydrated and let’s hope it goes away soon and you feel much much better. I knew something had to be up with you not posting earlier today…you sounded so excited yesterday talking about your surprise and teasing Janeen about the deer versus dog and you mentioned it was late and you were tired…I picked up a clue then that you might just be sick. GET WELL!

  14. Thank you so much for providing your creative work free to us! I really look forward to them every day. I haven’t started the quilt yet, but hope to have it finished by next Christmas! I know what you mean by a crazy schedule!!

  15. Thanks so much for the beautiful patterns you so kindly have donated to us. I admire all of the hard, creative work you so freely share with us. I look forward to your designs which always make my day!

  16. Re: this mornings post “good morning loving this project I check in each morning before I go to work. Unfortunately this morning the house was up but not your details to go with them… its 654 here in Alberta Canada. I sure hope I remember to check when I get back. Thanks for putting this on its sew much fun. lol” It was not my intention to offend you I was just saying that I was hoping I would not forget to check for the details since they were not up when I had to leave for work. I looked thru all the blogs regarding the 12 days to Christmas to see what time you released your blog as each morning when I checked they have been there … and could not find anything this morning. I know that you have changed time zones so I was am not sure of what time you are now in. I sincerely apologize I meant to harm by my post from this morning. You do a wonderful job by putting these together. Thank you,

  17. Thank you so much for your blog, patterns and comments!! It is exciting to see what comes up next on both sites. The train is absolutely adorable. THANK YOU!!!

  18. Thank you Marian for your lovely patterns and good on you for your comments, I wait patiently for your posts and I know if I miss them I can purchase them through craftsy at a very reasonable price. Hope you feel better soon and I wish you a very Happy, Healthy Christmas.

  19. thank you for the patterns, love the train border. so many options.
    love the kangaroo mug rug. have plans for that one. Hope your feeling better
    Take care

  20. Thank you ladies for the wonderful gift of these patterns.I am coming back to patchwork after an 8 year absence and I love the sense of community.
    I have to re-learn my skills so back to basics for a while.
    Happy holidays. Helen

  21. Got the patterns. Am SOOOOOOO excited about the Calibre mats! I read about them during the last hop and I really want to get the flat cutting mat. But, the 14″ is such a great size.

  22. I love the look of this pattern not proficient with either paper piecing or applique but I am going to start this after the first of the year.

    I love your art work


  23. Thank you for these adorable additions to the village. This train is just too cute. Those mats look really cool. Have a wonderful Christmas season.

  24. Marian, I am admirer of both you and Janeen. I do not often leave comments, but as a blogger I should know better. I also understand how difficult scheduling can be and how life can interfere. Having said all that – THANK YOU!

  25. Thank you Marian for all your wonderful patterns, late or on time I’m a very patient person, after all you are giving these to us. I just love them all. I finally got caught up with the Sunbonnets, (anyway have made it to November)

  26. Thank you so much for the patterns Marian. I really appreciate all that you do for us. Honestly, I don’t see how you get everything done that you do. I know that it takes a LOT of effort and time so if you are late, I don’t worry about anything except that something might be wrong with you. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks again.

  27. Hi Marian, I am not one of your fans that write your often. But you are right: I should! Because I love your work and I am following you for a long time already. I am not so good in appliqués, but I love your design and the patterns of offer, so I do not miss any of them.
    And I love paper piecing also and I am a fan from Janneen for a long time also. I did a lot of her patterns and I love her designs also. So the junction of your and Janneens ideas are top, and I am loving this patterns. Its huge and I never make so huge pieces, but I think this one I will do, for sure.
    Thank a lot for all the work yo do to offer these patterns for everyone. I am wondering what else will come out of your and Janneen´s creative mind.
    I will also be participating to get one of these wonderful mats. If I will not be one of the lucky winners, I will try to buy one. This is a piece which I do not have yet!
    Thanks Marian, Thanks Janneen…..

  28. Very cool that Calibre Arts have given you some of the new rotating mats. I would love to try one, so I’ll be buying it if I’m not a lucky winner. Thank you for the patterns, and don’t let the haters get to you!

  29. First and foremost, that you for participating in this project. Your patterns are delightful and the quilt will be a wonderful combo of two of my loves-paper piecing and applique. I am not entering your giveaway because I already have a rotating mat. How funny you wrote about it today because I bought mine a couple of years ago and forgot about it!!!!. A few days ago, I was struggling with squaring off some small blocks and I remembered my purchase. Lo and behold it really is a wonderful tool and I am sure you will enjoy your “new toy” as much as I do!

  30. I’m sorry you’re fighting a cold. They are never pleasant but doubly so when it’s holiday time and you have all these ‘deadlines’. I was a concerned reader when your post wasn’t up – as usual. I kept checking back and was worried that something awful had happened – because being late isn’t the case most of the time. Thank you for the wonderful patterns. Take care and get well.

  31. This is an amazing quilt. Paper piecing is not my favorite method but this quilt is really well done so I will bite the bullet and smile as I paper piece away. I love to hand applique so that will be relaxing. I would love to see any blocks people have made when they are done. Do you post them?

  32. Thank you for letting me know that today has been posted. I figured something happened when I could not find it. Hope you are feeling better so.

  33. Thank you for these patterns. I think it is interesting how you and Janeen are doing this together but at the same time doing your own thing.

  34. I LOVE visiting and reading your blog….so much, I have an entire FOLDER to save all your awesome patterns! Thank you.😅

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