Halloween Is On My Mind…

Ghost On The Edge 1
Ghost On The Edge 1

Have you ever hummed a song in your head, and thought about different things while humming it.. For some reason, the song “Danny Boy” is in my head today, but I’m thinking about Halloween….

I wanted to share something to get you in a Halloween frame of mind and yes I know it’s still over seven weeks away, but.. this gives you enough time to do something with it.

Ghost On The Edge 1 is Free until September 14, 2015
Ghost On The Edge 2 is $2.00 and is the companion pattern to Ghost On The Edge 1


You can see these in a project from when I participated in the 
Black Cat Blog Hop Last Year
Both patterns are available in 4×7, 6×9, and 9×12 sizes.
I also included them in non-reversed and reversed.

 Craftsy is having a 50% off sale this weekend thru September 09, 2015
I’ve already bought the classes I have been wanting, so let me give you a tip about getting classes at half price even when their is no sale.

If a new class has just come out, take the authors name, and put it in your favorite search engine like “Angela Waters Quilter” without the quotes.

Then check their blogs, stores, even facebook pages, sometimes they announce a discount of their new classes at 50% off .. This is the time to get them at the cheapest available time. While I am an affiliate for Craftsy, I totally go searching for those 50% off costs on classes. I don’t get my classes free because I’m an affiliate, I pay for them just like you do. I earn a little bit of money if you click below and that helps me to pay for costs related to offering free patterns on my blog.  So please, give me a click if you can and choose a class. 

Craftsy Classes


Happy Labor Day Weekend to all of you in the USA!!


3 thoughts on “Halloween Is On My Mind…

  1. Well, I am not ready for Halloween yet. Have to get through the Seasons Row Along. But I did click on the Craftsy link and signed up for a class on machine quilting titled Hit the Mark. Looks like there is good information and techniques to learn.

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