Just Letting You Know We Are OK!!!

Landscape Medley Elizabeth's Studio, Green Forest TreesI just thought I’d drop a quick note and I will answer all the email that hit my inbox this morning. We are ok, the earthquake in Rome is nowhere near where we live. I do want to thank all of you who wrote, it really means a lot that you cared enough about me to think of me this morning. I never realized how many of you have become friends. Thank you so much for your kindness.

As a special treat, and because I was asked, here is a sneak peek of my row… This fabric is in my row for The Road Home Row Along.. It’s a lovely fabric from Elizabeth’s Studios. Now, I’m going back to my vacation of sorts now, my Bernie got real happy last night as I gave him a really good cleaning and told him to gear up for some serious sewing. 🙂

Love and Best Wishes to you all,


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The Road Home Row Along Schedule…

stbs-Road Home tall banner

I know it may seem like it is very early to post this schedule, but I have decided to take a break before moving into the end of the year. There isn’t a single month coming between September to December that this site doesn’t have an event of some kind planned, so since we are two weeks away from my having to post any block of the month patterns or The Road Home Row Along starting, I’ve decided to take a break so I don’t wear myself out. Rest Assured, if something breaks and it’s important to know I will post and I am at home, I’m just sewing. I’m still reachable as I will check my email, I just know I don’t want to wear myself out either.

So, without further ado, here is the schedule for The Road Home Row Along, starting in just two short weeks…

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Thermoweb Joins The Road Home Row Along.. Surprises and A RBR Link..

ThermowebOne of our favorite companies for fusible’s and interfacings is joining us with a wonderful bundle of their products for a giveaway during The Road Home Row Along. I’m very excited they are offering this giveaway and I think you will be too.

More news inside including a free pattern, and an RBR Link…

Therm-o-web is offering a beautiful bundle with a $60.00. Continue reading

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OttLite Comes To The Road Home.. and a new RBR link..

Ott LiteI am very excited to announce the latest sponsor for The Road Home Row Along starting in just under 3 short weeks now.

OttLite has offered one of their amazing lamps as a giveaway during the event.

I only just purchased my own OttLite a few short months ago, and I see what all the buzz is about now. I’m sure you might remember when I showed you the lighting differences with my Bernie and how adding additional lighting affects your overall display area, it’s the same with their lighting also. It gives you a broader area in which it concentrates the lighting and allows you to see as you should instead of straining to see what you might not be able to see. OttLite are not expensive lamps, they cost less than an ordinary desk lamp does when you consider how many times you probably change a regular light bulb. OttLite lamps Continue reading

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Perfect Pairs – Pickles and Ice Cream Released

stbs-2016-PP Pickles and Ice Cream

WoW, Can you believe it, this is the Final Week of Perfect Pairs.

What a fun Summer it has been, doncha think? Fifteen patterns for this series have been released, starting with the Five Days of Opposites Attract Blog Hop, and each week a new perfect pair released.

The year sure is passing us by quickly isn’t it.

Today’s post offers a few surprises to.. 🙂

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Sunbonnet Sam Antartica and Australia – Released

Sam In Australia and AntarticaNo excuses, just running late today..

Sunbonnet Sam Antartica and Australia are officially released.

The voting for September’s release is done and Spain was the clear winner.

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A New BOTM and Another RBR 2015 Free Pattern…

SeaBreeze QuiltsIt’s another really amazing Block Of The Month coming to you from Sea Breeze Quilts, starting August 15, 2016. She is incorporating celtic knots, with applique and a pieced background. Now, if you’ve seen her previous Block Of The Months, you know that Amanda has a style all her own. She’s an amazing designer with an artistic edge that truly makes her quilts stunningly beautiful. This is sure to be another of those quilts. Here are two examples just to show you what I mean.

It starts on Monday, you don’t want to miss it. Blocks are free for one month, then available in her shops for $3.00 AUS.

and because I know you want to know the newest row I’ve found last night… Continue reading

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Perfect Pairs – Coffee and Donuts & A EQ Lesson Day!!

Coffee and Donuts 3Today is your lucky day… I not only have for you the newest release for Perfect Pairs, but I also am releasing my newest EQ video.

Yes, Sir-ree… (I don’t think that’s how you spell it, but I’m telling Grammarly to leave it be) it’s the 10th of the month and that means it’s EQ Anniversary Lesson day. A once a month event I am participating in with Quiltshop Gal and several other amazing bloggers on the web who on the 10th of each month release a lesson for Electric Quilt.

This is another short one… I know it’s pretty amazing, two months in a row, and short to boot… Who knew I could make some short lessons… Continue reading

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RBR Links Page Updated & More Giveaways..

Row By Row ExperienceDon’t ya just love it when I find a new pattern you can download from shops participating in the Row By Row Experience? This was a cute pattern from last year at Pink Castle Fabrics in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It’s a pretty simple row, and would piece together quickly. I’ve given you the direct page link on my RBR Downloads page along with a 2014 pattern for the Stitchin Post.

Next today, I have several sponsors to add for the giveaways for The Road Home Row Along and Eerie Nights.

Aurifil is giving away a gorgeous and I mean absolutely beautiful set of Continue reading

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Heya, Mystery Quilt For Olympics..

On Point QuilterHeya, Did you know that Kari Shell over at On Point Quilter is doing a Mystery Olympics Block Of The Day during the Olympics? I sure didn’t, I’ve been so away from my pc that I didn’t see the announcement in the Facebook group for EQ called Learning EQ 7. I noticed it today and you can still get the first two blocks free, but you gotta act fast, because they will soon only be available for 24 hours only. She’ll have a new part of the quilt each day for you to work on during the Olympics.

Kari is an expert in Electric Quilt and Art and Stitch software. She really knows her stuff when it comes to these two softwares and this mystery quilt will show how to set things up in EQ along with downloadable pdf patterns for those of you who may not have EQ.

So go and grab these cool patterns she is offering and please don’t miss a day of her cool project.

Excuse me for posting on a Saturday, but I thought this was important enough to do so. 🙂


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Perfect Pairs – Whipped Cream and Pie Released

Whipped Cream and PieWhile I’m not as late as I was with Sunbonnet Sue this week, I’m still not 100% over this back issue. Hopefully, soon, I have way too much sewing to do this month and no time to be down with back problems. I need a younger body. 🙂 Whipped cream and pie are not going to do that for me, but cherry pie is my all time favorite pie. I like other pies, but give me cherry any day of the week and I will most certainly enjoy it.

This pattern is a bit on the tedious side to put together, simply because of all the teardrops in the outside crust of the pie. The pdf explains some ideas on how you can obtain that part of the pattern done in a faster manner.

The free pattern includes only the 9-inch block. The full pattern includes 9×6, 9×9, 12×12 blocks with the machine embroidery designs and the SVG cutting files.

Artwork for Perfect Pairs is from JW Illustrations.

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It’s Sunbonnet Sue Antartica and Australia – Released

Antartica and AustraliaI wish to take a moment and send a thank you to all of you who’ve been concerned about me over the last few days. I hurt my back last week, and it’s been and still is quite irritating. My doctor actually gave me some pills to help, but they also make me sleep, so their you go, patterns are late this week because I just couldn’t get to my desktop or sewing machine to do any sewing. At least now I am caught up again..

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Antartica and Australia are officially released. This is also a voting for next month’s release of Italy or Spain. 🙂

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Summer Sensations Lemonade and Here Comes Santa…

Glass of Lemonade

It’s time to draw the for the winners of the Summer Sensations bundle which includes the Lemonade pattern.

The winners are shown below in the rafflecopter box, and will receive a coupon code to download their patterns from Payhip.

I’ve also added this pattern to my Payhip and Craftsy shops, you can purchase just the Glass of Lemonade (includes pitcher), or the entire bundle in case you missed any of the other patterns. I have them on sale in my shops for 25% off thru July 31.

Today I also introduce my Christmas In July pattern for 2016. A beautiful Continue reading

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