12 Days of Presents Day 11

Pattern 04My apologies for the very late in the day posting. I was not able to get on the internet, the good news is that Comcast has been here today and hopefully fixed the problem. We were gone for a bit this evening so I haven’t been able to get this posted until now.

Today’s lovely pattern is one of my newest continuous line designs for hand and free motion quilters. I need to test the machine embroidery designs still so they haven’t been released as yet, but I think you will really love this set of borders and corners.

Today’s Free pattern is pattern 04 in this set in the 3-inch border size.

Because I am late, this file will remain free thru Sunday night at 10pm mst, I will then remove it from Payhip.

You do not want to miss Monday’s Day 12… I saved the very best for last…. well I think it’s my best pattern of this 12 days… 🙂 Hopefully you will all tell me you love it to 🙂

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12 Days of Presents – Day 10

Dual Gifts...This is a pretty quick pattern to make today. Simple and Fun, you can easily make this into a photo frame, tags, or small ornaments.

There are two patterns in the pdf, one is for a tall frame, and the other is for a wider frame. I hope you’ll find these as cute as I do.

My internet was down for a bit this evening, and I have yet to be to bed as I was waiting for it to come back up, so this is a short post so that I can hit the hay…

The full pattern of these frames come with 5×7 and 7×5 sizes along with the SVG cutting files.

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12 Days of Presents – Day 09

Penguin 02

One of the hardest things for me when creating a pattern is trying to decide on sizes for each pattern I create.

I never know if I’m creating the right size for what is good for someone else. That’s why I will resize a design for people when they ask.

In this pattern today, the sizes I created for it are 5×7, 7×9, and 9×11, the hard part is should I make it larger? With it being the shape of a Matroyshka, I wanted to create it in various sizes so you could do each one if you chose to create this pattern as Matroyshka’s. With three patterns it may be enough, but if you wanted another size, I hope you will feel free to ask.

The free pattern is offered in the 7×9 size only. The full pattern comes with all three sizes and SVG cutting files to make cutting easier.

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12 Days of Presents – Day 07 and 08 Now Released…

SSanta and RudyI thank you all for your patience yesterday and this morning, we didn’t arrive home until late in the afternoon and I needed a bit of a nap once we arrived.. We picked up the dog, and then I got to work on finishing up this post and the patterns. I’ve had issues with getting images to show as I was writing this post, it’s still not working so I had to write this post manually then paste it into the browser editor… I am unsure what is wrong with wordpress today, but I will figure it out. At this point I just want to get this post posted.

Today, I will present day 7 (yesterday Monday December 11, 2017) and today’s Day 8.

Please note, both patterns are free in the 7×9 size only.

I believe the comment problem is now fixed, ty for alerting me.

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12 Days of Presents – Day 6

Snowman FacesI don’t do many snowmen patterns and I’m not sure why not, I love the shapes, they are fun to do and part of the winter scenes that I dearly love.

This fun pattern is available in 3 sizes, 9×9, 12×12, and 15×15. The free pattern is available in the 9×9 pattern only. No machine embroidery designs or cutting files are available with the free pattern but they can be purchased with the full pattern.

The artist for this pattern is from Graphics and Graphics.

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12 Days of Presents – Day 05

Tree In Night SkyI am headed for a wedding today, so another brief post…

This cute pattern is of a tree, that’s right, a simple tree, but fun, in a great way, depending on the fabrics you choose, you can make this an outstanding pattern easily. Decorate the tree, or not, it’s entirely up to you. The free pattern is the 7×9 size, but it’s also available for purchase in the 15-inch size.

The artist for this pattern is from Delightful Doodles.

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12 Days of Presents – Day 04

Whose Feet - SantaToday I am going to be brief, I have a very busy day ahead of me.

This cute pattern is of Santa’s legs and feet, appropriately named Whose Feet Is It? … This one is Santa’s. The free pattern includes a 6×9 pattern with SVG Cutting Files. No machine embroidery files are necessary.

The artist for this pattern is from Pretty Grafik.




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12 Days of Presents – Day 03

Christmas Characters 12Good Morning Everyone. Thank you for taking the time to visit this post to download your free pattern. I’m having an odd problem, it seems that there were 284 downloads of the free pattern yesterday, but only 227 page visits. You might not think of this as odd, but I do… and I am NOT happy. Part of my reason for not using Craftsy as the download page is because I want people to visit my posts. This has to mean to me that the direct download page is being shared versus people actually visiting my blog. I do not want to deny those who come here and are not sharing the post the ability to get there patterns freely, but having 57 people download without having visiting this post bothers me greatly. So I ask you, PLEASE, be respectful of anyone who offers you a  FREE pattern. These patterns take time to make, they take up valuable resources. I do NOT use free artwork, I have paid for the artwork that is used in my patterns, and I would hope people would respect that they are getting good quality patterns with legitimate artwork used. If this trend continues, how this event works next year will change drastically. I do not mind if you share the link to this post, but please don’t share the direct download link.

The next part of this post deals with how this event works… Please take a moment and READ the following…. it concerns how downloads work for this event.

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12 Days of Presents – Day 02

Santa Moon 2Here we are on day 02 of 12 Days of Presents. I loved hearing your comments about day 01’s angel. I am so happy you liked her. I can’t wait to see your creations and I hope you’ll send me photos.

Today’s free pattern is a Santa. Many moons ago, I created Santa Moon 01 and it’s been sitting on Craftsy now for the last two years. I updated this pattern over the weekend simply because I knew I’d be releasing this new one. I had originally offered part of that pattern as a free pattern, so today I’m offering the new one also as a partial free pattern.

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12 Days, Very Late In The Day, But Online…

12 Days of Presents is finally here and today was just not going to work out as a good day to start this with. Last night my internet went out just as I was writing the post, it was half way done and boom, no internet… I kept watching all day in between errands and such to see if it had come back on and only noticed it was back on about an hour or so ago now, so I got the patterns for today uploaded and am now writing this post as quickly as possible in case it goes out again.

I Love Love Love this pattern, and the full set. It has been a sheer delight watching it come together and I’m happy to present you with one of the beautiful patterns in this series.

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Today, I Share A Cupcake With You!!!

Birthday Cupcake

Today I share this cupcake with you, a gift for being one of my followers.

It’s my birthday today, and I’d like to thank you for visiting my website, taking time from your busy schedules to give me just a little bit of your own time.

Everyone one of you is important to me, some of you are good friends now, and over the years you’ve followed my blog, you’ve lived my life with me, you’ve watched me grow from a beginner pattern designer to what I am now. I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to follow and be a part of my life these last 4 1/2 years.

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WooHoo It’s A Happy Happy Day and Designs 07-09 Released…

Christmas Blocks 01-09

So today, it’s been a busy day for moi…. How about you? I am busily finishing up the patterns for 12 Days this week and sewing in the evening to finish the wedding gift for my niece, but I am worried it won’t be done, so today picked up a backup gift while at Costco in case I don’t finish… I can quickly do something with those and have them done just in case…

So, today I went to the DMV… and survived.. no falling flat on my face today, I parked in a spot with none of those parking stopper thingies, and was there at 7:30am… Already, there were about 20 people in line 30 minutes before they were due to open. Continue reading

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Twas The Night Before Christmas Block 8 Released… and Other News…

TTNBC-08The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
gave the lustre of midday to objects below, is block 08 of Twas The Night Before Christmas. Isn’t it a beautiful block?

Much like the first block in some ways but I love the night sky, the snow falling, and the additional trees that the artist added to the block. I do not think it was easy for him to come up with artwork for the lines in this part of the story.

This is the Flickr Reward block.

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