Christmas Caroling Row Along… Giveaways by Barbara and The Broken Needle…


When the Christmas Caroling Row Along starts, there will be many wonderful giveaways from the generous companies who have decided to sponsor a product from there lines/company this year.

I’ll start off with some of the giveaways that came first during the summer and finish with the first two from Calibre Art and Northcott.

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Christmas Caroling RAL… Announcing Newest Sponsors, All The Bloggers

CCLogo-2Where has the time gone??? We are three weeks, just three weeks away from the start of this years Row Along.

I love this event, it’s my favorite one each year. Any of you who have followed this blog know the theme this year is Christmas Carols.

Each designer has taken a public domain song and created it with her own design in mind to reflect the words of the song.

I am proud and pleased to announce this years bloggers and designers. Many are back for the third year in a row, others for there 2nd year in a row and new designers are also featured this year.

We also have some wonderful giveaways coming your way for this years Row Along, again, some of these companies are here for the third time, and others are new. I will feature each day for the next week or so what they are giving away. You can always see the full list of sponsors on the side of the blog under the logo, and the giveaways and sponsors will also be listed on this page. Be sure to stop by to see what’s coming in this years Row Along and maybe even a hint or two of my row…

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Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – Connecticut Is Released…

Sue and Sam In Conn

Again, thank you so much for patience in waiting for me to get this block released. You all have been amazing. 

Sue is the free download for this release with Sam as the Flickr Reward block.  To download Sam, Click On the Images below:

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Twas The Night – Block 5 Released…

Twas The Night Before Christmas Block 5

And Mama in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap, had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap….. is the theme of this block for the Twas the Night Before Christmas BOTM.

You can easily create this block without doing all of the embroideries, but the embroidery does add dimension to the block. You will definitely want to create the faces.

Block 6 should follow sometime next week.

Please note that this block has been released at a price of $5.00 and priced at that until August 3rd, 2017. It will then go to its normal price of 7.50 per block.

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12 Days of Christmas In July ….

12 Days of ChristmasWell, this is definitely not my best work, but my thought was more towards showing you various ideas for creating your own ornaments. I love ornaments that are cute and have a story to them, but I also like ball ornaments, just a simple round ball in various colors. I think they bring light to the tree.

You can literally make ornaments out of anything, wood, spices, herbs, beads, buttons, fabric, the possibilities are endless. The cool thing about using fabric to do it is that your ability to add things like paint, drawings, pictures, pockets, buttons, beads, and many more items to fabric is so easy to do.

In my ornaments today, I used fabric and felted wool.

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12 Days Of Christmas Blog Hop

12 Days of ChristmasUnfortunately, my scheduler is still not working, I’ve disabled most of my plugins, so I’m thinking it’s gotta be something with WordPress itself. This post was originally supposed to post on Friday, July 14, 2017.

12 Days of Christmas in July is finally here, hosted by the lovely Sarah from Confessions of A Fabric Addict. She’s done an amazing job of organizing this hop and keeping us all up-to-date. The following is the schedule for this hop, and because my scheduler wasn’t working properly I didn’t even notice until today that Friday hadn’t posted.

A wonderful giveaway will happen with each day of this hop, Free Spirit fabrics will give away fabric from their new Tula Pink holiday line called Holiday Homies.

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It’s Coming… Are U Ready!!!! Enter if U Dare….

Enter If You Dare Blog HopI am experiencing issues with slowness on the site.. I am working to fix the problem.

It’s that time of year we all look forward to next to a Friday… Halloween is right around the corner and I am already preparing my ghoulish treats for you. Are you ready for it? Enter If U Dare is the next Halloween Blog Hop hosted by Seams To Be Sew. This is your opportunity, do you have a website? a blog? or maybe you’ve made a project you’d like to share with others, we can help you do that by sponsoring your project on one of the participating blogs.

If your planning to just visit during the hop, you do not need to read any further, this post is to invite those who would like to participate with a project they’ve made to enter.

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A Small Update…

Just writing to give you a small update… I’ve been very busy, with the Christmas Caroling Row Along coming up in September, I needed to have my row finished by the deadline I set for the other designers so that I would not be behind, this took a few days to accomplish, but my row pattern is at least done now for September and I am ready to show it off… The image you’re seeing features the Northcott Fabrics they kindly sent designers to use in their rows and is a small preview of my row I’ll be featuring.

Next, I am hoping to release the next Sue and Sams this week along with Twas The Night Before Christmas Blocks. I’m just finishing these up and possibly as I write this post tonight I’ll finish them up tomorrow so they can release on Monday/Tuesday…

Next, I got a little teeny tiny bit involved with row by row and had tons of fun visiting shops… I mean really who can blame me, it’s my first time out and about visiting the shops and being the new quilter in the state, I, of course, had to visit as many shops as possible.  I’m sure some of you know how that goes. I have patterns to swap if anyone would like some… write me with your address and I’ll send you a Colorado pattern. Maybe you’ll do the same. I’ll be heading to Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho in August, a girl just wants to have fun!!! Ya know 🙂 So let me know if your lookin for a particular row.

and last… Just for Fun, I updated the Row By Row Free patterns page. I’ve checked all the links and fixed the bad ones or removed those that removed their downloads. Always Quilting already has their patterns up for pre-order on the free patterns they will offer for 2017, so you may want to get your pre-orders in.


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Flickr Rewards and TTNBC Block 04…

Sue and Sam Illinois

Just posting a little note that all FlickR rewards for Sue and Sams are caught up as of this morning. June 05, 2017. Their is a new way that rewards are being done, they will no longer be thru Payhip. You will have one coupon code, but can use it on 1 pattern or multiple patterns. Please add all your patterns to the cart at once, then check out with your coupon code. A How To Use the Cart has been added to the site where rewards are now housed at.

It will be much easier for me to go this route and in the end I believe everyone of you will also like it as you’ll have many features you didn’t have before at Payhip.

Please be on the watch also for your TTNBC Block 04 rewards, I am almost finished writing that pattern up and I will send those rewards first before uploading it to Craftsy and Payhip, thus those of you who’ve been waiting will have them first. I’ll try to get block 05 up by the end of this week, my tester has sent that pattern back as of yesterday, so it should be written more quickly than block 04 as their is not as much embroidery in that block.

Cya Soon,


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Coming Next Month Is Row By Row All Over Again…

Row By Row ExperienceAre you excited… I am very excited about finally being able to participate in a full row by row experience.

During the last five years that this event has been held, I have lived in Europe, so could not participate, even last year when we were still there, no shops in Italy participated. There was one in Germany I think and one in the Netherlands, but I never got that far to get to go and enjoy the experience. Instead, I joined some Facebook groups, and the wonderful ladies in those groups picked up kits for me and I was able to experience the fun of the event in that way. I felt guilty tho that I couldn’t do the same for them. In some cases, these women pick up kits for others and drove many many miles to get kits for other people. This year, it’s my turn to try and help and I will go to as many states as humanly possible. I will note those FB groups below if you are planning to participate and I really encourage you to do so, but this event has many good things and like all things, in life, it has some bad. I’m going to walk you thru my experiences last year.

A year and a half ago, Continue reading

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Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – Nova Scotia and The Yukon Released…

SandS In Yuk and NSThank you so much for waiting. turns out the embroidery for the Yukon had a few errors that really needed to be fixed before I could release. They are now all fixed, so I can release these today for you.

Sue In Nova Scotia is the May Canadian BOTM and Sam In The Yukon is the April Canadian BOTM. These are the free blocks.

My internet has been down or this would have been posted earlier, so sorry if you had to wait on it today.

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Art With Fabric Blog Hop… I’m A Fashionista, Are You?

Fashion 1When Alida approached the idea last year of doing these Art With Fabric Blog Hops, I thought it would be so much fun, at the time of the first one I couldn’t participate. I was all set to participate in the second one when we got news that we were moving back to the states, so here she is now on her third one and I finally get to participate.  So first, a lovely Thank You to Alida who has been professional in each and every way of organizing her blog hop, it’s been a sheer pleasure to work on this project and while mine is probably not as artsy as the others, I love seeing how each person interprets the theme of the hop.

The theme as I understood it for this hop was to be about what inspired us as women, or a woman who inspired us… I am by no means someone who dresses to the nines, no longer do I wear business suits or dresses too often, although, a dress is still my favorite thing to wear and I try to wear them often in the summer. I don’t get dressed up to go shopping, or to the store, nor do I wear jewelry or makeup. The only jewelry that I in fact wear is my wedding ring, but in my earlier life as a young hip single woman, I almost always had something new that I’d sewn up that week to go out on the town in… or to go dancing in.. These were fun times back in the day and I remember them fondly.

In everyday life, fashion is a part of our lives, whether, we are just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, or a wool business suit. Fashion affects our lives in many ways, and in many styles. I can remember a time in my life, where I loved wearing hats, I had some pretty nice hats at one time, and I loved wearing them, but that time wore out and I moved on to some other fad…

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Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – Alabama and Illinois Released

I thank you so much for patiently waiting for me to get these blocks released. You all have been amazing. These are Aprils Block of the Month releases for Sue and Sam In The USA… May’s release will be during the week of May 22. I will try to release on the 22nd, but it will just depend on how far I am into getting caught up.

Sam is the free download for this release with Sue being the release for May when it’s released in a few weeks. To download the Sams In these two states, Click On the Images below:

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