Row By Row Free Pattern Updates & Black Friday Sale…

Well, Jalapeno-Popper-Wontonhere we are, one day before Thanksgiving. I’m guessing most of you are making your preparations for the big day tomorrow. I’m making a simple meal this year, bought our favorite part of the turkey which is the legs, and am just planning to roast them. I’ll make a sweet potato casserole in the morning along with a pumpkin pie.  I’m thinking I might do some Jalapeno Poppers in a wonton… I saw these on Facebook the other day and thought I liked the idea of a putting the popper in a wonton crust so am planning to try them.

So today, I have finished updating the  Continue reading

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Twas The Night Block 7 Released And Some Other News In The Spotlight…

stbs-2017 B7bt-Well it’s been nearly two weeks since the doctor let me remove the cast. I’m happy about how my arm is healing and can almost bend it in the “L” shape again. I still can’t lift anything heavy, but I know that will come in time again. So, I have been working to get my sewing room cleaned up and ready to hit the sewing machine hopefully later in the week.

How about all of you? With Thanksgiving just four days away, I’ve a little treat for you in this post today along with the release of block 7 in Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Block 8 will come sometime around the end of this week, I’m still putting that pattern together, but it is almost ready for release.

I’ve also released the next set of Continuous Line Blocks 04-06 in case you are collecting those.

All Flickr rewards are caught up.

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Coming Soon… 12 Days of … and Newest Releases…

stbs-12 Days Logo 2017I have so much to say today, I’m not sure where to start… it was a busy weekend… Frank was finally home long enough that we managed to get all the rest of the giveaways from the Row Along and Enter If U Dare all squared away… The labels are made and the postman will pick them up today. I’m sorry some of you have had to wait, he’s had some really long hours of late and it’s not going to stop anytime soon, we just lucked out that one of the engineers couldn’t work this past weekend. With my hand the way it has been, I couldn’t do it myself either. I will be at the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully, I will have some good news on removing this cast. I’ve still got a wedding gift to finish for next month and I am worried I am not going to get it finished.

Next month, starting December 01, 2017 is the start of 12 Days of Christmas. If you’ve been with me for the last four years that I have done this, you’ll remember it’s a fun time of the year. I give away a pattern a day for the 12 weekdays of December. (no weekends) Two years ago, Janeen at Quiltart and I started doing this as a together event. She also has done a 12 Days of Christmas event on her blog for at least the last four years and it could even be longer than that. Janeen and I did our patterns as a combined project last year, you may remember

Full View with Train 10

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Row By Row Free Patterns and More News…

Row By Row Experience

Yesterday was the day that shops could finally put their patterns and kits up for sale again, or online for sale or download. I’ve taken a bit of time this morning to update my page for the row by row links today and followed up with a few emails to shops that still participate.

The Row By Row Experience itself has also added a new site for showcasing rows that participating shops have added their rows too. This is wonderful because you get to see the rows in full view. I’ve never been a fan of the Facebook pictures because they merge them in with the shop’s info, and their license plate, often making the row picture to small and you can’t see some of those rows very well to know if you like it or now. The new site is called easily enough Row By Row Showcase.

My row by row page is Continue reading

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Canadian Sue & Sam – Prince Edward Island Released

Sue & Sam PEII am happy to finally release Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Canada – Prince Edward Island. This is a pretty simple design for the Island, but cute none the less.

Sam is the Free block for this release

The Flickr Turn in date is Nov 29, 2017.

So, let’s get to the downloads…


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Enter If U Dare Winners Announced…

Enter If You Dare Blog Hop

My apologies for getting this out late… My desktop’s power pack went bad this past Wednesday and I can’t replace it until next week, so I’m currently sitting here using my laptop. Fortunately for me, I back up my files to Dropbox and Google drive, so I am able to do some work while I wait for the power pack to arrive.

In the meantime, I can finally draw the winners for Enter If U Dare…


Timeless Treasures
Fabric Bundles

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I Dared To Enter on October 24, 2017…

Enter If You Dare Blog Hop

I dared to enter… LOL

and then I broke my wrist bone…

but I am able to show you a little of what I was doing

because I had already started my project.

So come on in, and see what I’ve been up to…

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Enter If U Dare!!! Have You Dared?

Enter If You Dare Blog Hop

Today is the last day of Enter If U Dare… I’m sad… and at the same time, overjoyed to have seen so many wonderful and cool projects.

I wish to thank the bloggers who participated this year. Your inspiration and creativity are boundless. Taking on my little bonus patterns also was so much fun to see what you did with them. I was amazed and astounded at the very cute projects you came up with and what you did with the patterns. A big shout out to the new bloggers who participated, we had several in this blog hop, some who had never participated in a blog hop before. I hope it inspired you to perhaps host your own (be sure you send me an invite) or participate again in another.

Coming at the first of December…
My Annual 12 Days of Christmas event.
A pattern a day for 12 Days in December.

Today’s Bloggers Are:

Tuesday, Oct 24
Words & Stitches
Seams To Be Sew
Moose Stash
Quilted Delights

Today’s Giveaways Are:

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Enter If U Dare, Goblins, Ghouls, and Mummies Too!!!

Enter If You Dare Blog Hop

I have seen some really amazing projects so far this year and hope you have to. Isn’t it amazing how people can year after year find fun and inspiring things to do? I know for me, it’s quite enjoyable to see how we grow each year. As a kid, there were never so many imaginative things for holidays, and today you can seriously go crazy, decorating everything from your lawn, to your car, to even your pets dress… I’m always amazed at the new things people come up with.


On Today’s Schedule, we have for you to see…

Monday, Oct 23
Bumbleberry Stitches
Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Pumpkin Patch

Today’s Giveaways Are

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Sue and Sam – California, and Halloween Sayings 9 and 10 Released…

Sue and Sam In CA

As some of you know I’ve been trying to get these files for Sue and Sam released all week.

I ran into an issue when finishing up the pattern for Sue. I realized that the key for the shapes was wrong. This would have been a big problem for you when you pieced her together. Not only did I have to fix that, but the SVG files also needed to be fixed.

I finally have the patterns ready and I can get them released.

Canada should be released next week along with the next Twas The Night Before Christmas Blocks.

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It’s Creepy and It’s Crawly… it’s Enter If U Dare….

Enter If You Dare Blog Hop

Were there not some great projects seen yesterday… I am loving everyone’s projects this year and am totally amazed at how fast they put them all together. I so wish I was so quick. I use to be, but time and more time has passed me by and now I feel lucky to get something cut out. 🙂

I have loved your comments the last few days, I am glad you’re enjoying the blog hop as much as I am.

I’ve had many internet connections problems tonight… my apologies for the late post.

Today’s Bloggers Are:

Friday, Oct 20
Creatin’ in the Sticks
Adventurous Applique and Quilting
Just Because Quilts

Giveaways For Today Are:

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Enter If U Dare Day 02… Come Hither My Little Ones…. I Need A Closer Look At You!!

Enter If You Dare Blog Hop

Here we are on Day 02 of Enter If U Dare… Wasn’t the first day a great day for the hop. I was inspired by the wonderful creativity of the bloggers and I’m definitely looking forward to today.

Today there are four blogs featured to visit and I’m sure we’ll see more wonderful fun projects.


Today’s Featured Bloggers Are:

Thursday, Oct 19
Tweety Loves Quilting
Patchwork Breeze
Quilt In Piece
Ms P. Designs USA

Giveaways For Today Are

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Enter If U Dare Blog Hop Starts Now…

Enter If You Dare Blog Hop

Enter If U Dare starts today and it’s that time of the season we all look forward to. Besides Christmas, retailers will tell you that Halloween has become the second most popular holiday in the USA. I actually agree, no other holiday I know of, offers so many different things to buy for it other than Christmas. 

I love Halloween simply because it takes me back to those fun days of Trick or Treating but over time, it worries me to some degree because you never going to know what’s going to happen at your neighbors home. So please, if you have children go with them when they are Trick or Treating, don’t stop at houses that are not lighted and go get that candy tested if you have that ability.

This blog hop offers a free pattern per day at this blog. Giveaways at each of the blogs and fun seeing what other bloggers have been up to for there featured projects. Some of the bloggers even took on my bonus patterns, it’s going to be great fun to see what they have been up to.

If U Dare To Enter, Today’s Featured Bloggers Are:

Just Let Me Quilt
Quilt Doodles
Tea Time Creations

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